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I won’t profess that I read enough books in a month to really generate a whole monthly favorites series dedicated solely to books. I don’t really think it would be that interesting for me to post something along the lines of “I read three books this month, this is my favorite”.

That’s just silly. And you’ll hear plenty about my favorite books.

These monthly favorites are more designed to give you a taste of other things happening in my life – things I’m sampling and enjoying, and things you might like too!

We’ll see how this goes – on to my first monthly favorites!

  1. MAC Plumful – I am a limited lip-product kind of girl, but this fall I wanted to shake things up a bit, and I’ve been trying to convince myself to wear lipstick more often. This sheer plum shade from MAC Cosmetics is really making this easy. It’s the perfect hint of plum (apparently a good fall color), without making me feel like my mouth is a completely alien object
  2. This jacket – I cannot stop wearing this jacket right now. I haven’t owned something from The North Face since college, but they were recently on HauteLook, and I was in the market for a casual but warm jacket so I took the plunge. So glad I did. I think I have literally worn this every cool day from the moment I got it through today. It feels like being wrapped in a hug. Warm, but not hot. Perfect for crisp fall days!
  3. Chesapeake Bay Candle Company – Technically I discovered these candles in September, but I’ve really been burning them like crazy in November! My absolute favorites have been two that I found at Target – Snuggly Sweater (which seems to be discontinued now) and Grey Flannel – both of these smell exactly like coziness. The only annoying thing is that they seem to rotate their candles really quickly – it’s hard to find a scent if you want to buy a replacement.
  4. Hot Vinyasa – Seriously guys. What have I been doing all these years? I’m normally a slow/meditative yoga person, but I’ve had a recent revelation with Hot Vinyasa classes. A friend dragged me into class late in October, and it’s been amazing since day one. I had taken a few Bikram classes in the past (and almost passed out), but the lower temp in the Hot Vinyasa class I’ve been attending makes it more bearable, while really cranking up the caliber of the workout. Killer. (Btw, I practice at Charm City Yoga if you want to hang out!)
  5. Cruchy Leaves – This is my last fall season in the Mid-Atlantic, and I’m really feeling the fall weather. I mean, it helps that it was incredibly unseasonably warm all fall, but I’m really loving it! In November it finally go that crisp feeling in the air, and all the leaves fell to the ground. It created that awesome crispy coating to the ground, where you feel good about every step because you’re helping to compost the leaves. Maybe that last bit is just me.

What have you been loving this month?


  1. Ooh I love your list. North Face jackets are the best! And I’m totally a MAC girl too but I need to be a little more adbenturous. with my cor choices.

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    • Totally! I’ve been pushing myself to be more color-adventurous!

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