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5 Books to Sweep You Away to Italy!

5 Books to Sweep You Away to Italy!

One of the best parts of traveling is reading books set in the place where you’ll be going!

This summer I’ll be highlighting three travel destinations and recommending books that you should read before you go, while you’re there, or even if you’re just dreaming of going.

My first reading destination is Italy, a place I’ve never been.

It’s been on my travel wish list forever, though. I’d love to spend a month exploring the beaches of Cinque Terre, touring all of the famous buildings in Florence and Rome, and getting lost in the Italian Alps. I’ve read so many books set in Italy I could practically write a Lonely Planet Guide.

Here are four of my favorites, and one I’m looking forward to reading soon!

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

This book was so much fun. It’s the story of a Hollywood up-and-comer showing up in the off-the-beaten-track Hotel Adequate View, and what happens fifty years later when the proprietor of the hotel tries to track the starlet down in America. This is a perfect summer read.

The Light in the Ruins by Chris Bohjalian

This is a gritty mystery set in Italy before and after World War II. This is not for the weak stomached, but will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Brunelleschi’s Dome by Ross King

The history behind the building of the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral will leave you in awe. Before you climb the steps to the lantern, learn how Brunelleschi built the dome in the 1400’s without modern tools.

Winds of War by Herman Wouk

A sweeping epic about an American family in the years leading up to World War II. This is a doorstop, but perfect for lounging in the sun. Some of the most stimulating scenes are the ones that take place in Siena and Rome.

The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith

I can’t wait to dig into this book, the first in a series that features Ripley. I’ve seen and loved the movie, and I’m sure the book is better.

Bon voyage!

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Jill is a life long book worm who lives and reads near Washington, D.C. Despite rampant fires and crime on the metro she will always be a loyal rider because public transportation gives her two hours to read every day. She’ll devour everything from YA fiction to obscure non-fiction texts. Jill has two elementary school aged kids who she is training to be junior bookworms. They day when the Scholastic book order form comes home is the best day of the month for all of them.

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