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Author: Anna

Book Review | Underground Airlines, by Ben Winters

Flaws and all, Underground Airlines is the novel that I can’t stop talking about or thinking about. Winters’s book depicts a near future America where the Civil War never happened and slavery still exists. The sheer imaginative detail of this setting is the book’s main triumph. His “worldbuilding” is accurate in ways that I had never imagined, but I wholly accept once Winters introduces it. U.S. Marshalls are in charge of enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act and chase down runaway slaves? Well, sure, what else would they be doing? In the future, Americans are raised with the myth that...

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Anna’s in Your Imaginary Book Club!

Back in March, Whitney put together a fun post on who would be in her Imaginary Book Club. While it’s fun to speculate about all our fantasy book club members, we always want to give you the chance to know a bit more about the folks who make up the Imaginary Book Club community. Each month we’ll be profiling one of our writers or contributors with a fun Q&A post. Feel free to chat them up in the comments. We love that. Now let’s get into it! Anna’s in your Imaginary Book Club! Where were you born and where do you...

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Bookish Musings | Diving into the World of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Series

Wary of over-hyped books, I hesitated to start the globally successful and highly acclaimed Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend and the rest of her Neapolitan Series. If I wasn’t attending a conference in Naples, Italy and the primary location of the series, I doubt that I would have even begun the books. Once I did start reading them, however, it was impossible to stop. There’s a good reason why these books are quickly becoming everyone’s favorite. You leave the books knowing more about yourself than you did before, haunted by how the words written for another person can seem...

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Top 10 | Best Reads About Florida

Hello voracious readers! Long time lurker, first time blogger here. I’m really excited to e-meet you all. To start off our conversations together, I thought I would introduce you to me through my favorite books about my home state: Florida! You may find my suggestions leaning toward the surprising, the disturbing and the tragic. However, to me, none of the books are really far–fetched at all. They’re just very Florida. 1. Swamplandia!, by Karen Russel Only Karen Russell could write a novel with such a surreal premise – a young girl trying to save her family and their alligator-wrestling park...

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