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Author: Austyn

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 57

Hello fellow book lovers, It’s still smoky over here in the Pacific Northwest! I got to attend Rose City Comic Con last weekend, which was a total blast, and my friends cosplayed as Thor, the family from Bob’s Burgers, and Howl and Sophie! So great! There are too many books in my TBR pile, and yet I have no self control when it comes to buying new books. And my poor Kindle is loaded up with cheap ebooks. How do you all deal with overwhelming towers of books waiting to be read?! Peace out, Austyn Current Reads Ready to...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 56

Hello! This weekend is Rose City Comic Con! Will I see any of you there? This past week was full of packing, moving, and unpacking…and let’s just say that our boxes were about 60% books, 35% kitchen stuff, and 5% everything else. We used professional movers for the first time ever, and if you have to move a zillion books, I highly recommend letting the pros do it! Now that we’re unpacking our books, we have to decide how to organize them: by author, subject, color? How do you all organize your books? (Please post pictures of your book...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 55

Hello, Is summer finally ending? After all the hot weather we had, I’m SO ready for fall! The solar eclipse was amazing! Were any of you in the path of totality? What a cool experience! I’m about to read the third book in the Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. I’m very torn by these books. Has anyone read them? What are your thoughts? Best, Austyn Current Reads Ready to read a thriller this October? As with all book clubs, a great part of the joy of our Imaginary Book Club is reading together and...

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Hello! It’s been a crazy heat wave over here in Portland. We have a small but mighty air conditioner in our bedroom, so we can sleep, but the rest of our apartment is unbearable. I’m so sweaty and sticky, and my poor cat hates the heat too. He lays on his back with all his belly fur in the air, trying to get cool, and when the A/C is on he sits directly in front of it, with his fur blowing majestically. The heat, combined with the smoke from the Canada wildfires (Canada, so much of you is on...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 50

Hello! Time is flying, the sun is shining, and I am heading to the Coast for the weekend! You’ve got to love summer. I’m planning to curl up with a book and spend some quality time with my adorable nephew. Do you have any fun summer trips planned? What’s your go-to summer read? Here’s to more fun in the sun! Peace out, Austyn Current Reads Ready to read a thriller this October? As with all book clubs, a great part of the joy of our Imaginary Book Club is reading together and chatting about what we’ve read as a...

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Authors in the Wild: Fredrik Backman

Fredrik Backman is unable to give a short answer. He knows this, and I appreciate that! When his publicist said he had time for one last quick questions, and specified “one quick question, Fredrik,” he replied that no matter how quick the question, he could easily come up with a very long answer! This self-awareness made for a very entertaining author event at Powell’s on Sunday, June 11, 2017. The event began with Backman engaging in discussion with Emily Chenoweth, author of Hello Goodbye. What I heard of that part I enjoyed, but both Backman and Chenoweth started off...

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