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Author: Austyn

Top 10 | Books to Look Forward to in 2017

Believe it or not, the year 2017 is here. Whether you greeted it with open arms or you’re still holding out hope that it will magically skip to 2018, we can all be excited that a new year means NEW BOOKS! (If you have a party whistle thingamajig feel free to break it out now and go crazy! Your neighbors will understand. Or not. Who cares? It’s 2017!) There are a TON of new books coming out this year. I looked at list after list at anticipated releases, and here are the ten that I am personally most excited...

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Gift Guide | All the Goods for Book Lovers!

With the holidays coming up (HOORAY!) we have something to look forward to despite current events. All year round I save links to cool things that I find online. These are mainly book-related items that I either want for myself, or to gift to others. My online holiday shopping tends to be, Etsy, and then Amazon, in that order. One of my favorite things to do is to go to Etsy, search the titles of my favorite books, and see what awesome stuff the Etsy community has created in homage to them. Checking out The Great Gatsby, Nancy...

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Gift Guide | Gifting a Book of the Month Subscription!

Remember how I got to try out Book of the Month Club (BOTM) earlier this year? Well I am here to remind you about it because BOTM subscriptions are the perfect holiday gifts to give the book-lovers in your life! (FYI: This post contains affiliate links and Imaginary Book Club will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. But also please note that I really did get to try BOTM and this post reflects my honest feelings about it.) Why gift a BOTM gift subscription? When you give a subscription to BOTM, you’re not...

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Top 10 | A Baker’s Dozen of Favorite Cookbooks

Full disclosure: I work at an amazing kitchen store in Oregon (Kitchen Kaboodle- shameless plug) so I have an amazing kitchen and love cooking and baking. To be fair, my husband is a better cook than me, but he can’t bake, so it evens out. Because of my profession, I have amassed numerous cookbooks, and I recently whittled down my collection to only ones that I use…and then I bought two more. Which is okay because I got rid of some, right? Right. If you love cookbooks, try these out! When cookbook shopping I go for interesting covers, lots...

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Book Review | Murder at Mistletoe Manor, by Holly Tierney-Bedord

It’s been a cozy fall for me, as I got to review TWO cozy mystery stories for Imaginary Book Club! Fall isn’t complete without books! After reading A Composition in Murder by Larissa Reinhart, I finished up October by reading Murder at Mistletoe Manor: A Mystery Novella by Holly Tierney-Bedord. It was a nice change to read a novella, I’m not going to lie.  And because I love Christmas-themed books (and terrible Hallmark movies too, but that’s a story for a different time) I was excited to read a Christmas cozy. Murder at Mistletoe Manor involves a LOT of deaths....

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Book Review | A Composition in Murder, by Larissa Reinhart

  Regular readers may recall that I love cozy mysteries. I mainly read ones based around food or books, but I am willing to try everything once, so I have read Amish cozy, ghost cozies, and even a pottery cozy that had a weird way of writing from the view of the clay…that one I gave up on. So when we got the opportunity to read and review a new cozy “A Composition in Murder” by Larissa Reinhart, I said “sign me up!” Lesson: Don’t Read The Sixth Book In A Series With No Context “A Composition in Murder”...

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