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Author: Austyn

Book Review | Getting Lost in the World of the Janeites

In my life I’ve had several forays into fandom, including the Baby Sitters Club (BSC forever!), Doctor Who (David Tennant is my Doctor), and Harry Potter (Neville and Luna really steal the show). But through it all my one, forever enduring, fandom has been Nancy Drew. I discovered Nancy Drew in elementary school before I was old enough to check out chapter books at school. She is the quintessential badass of young sleuths, and she is my literary hero. Back in the early 1990’s the Internet wasn’t easily accessible. We used computers to play Oregon Trail and SkiFree. Without...

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Austyn’s in your Imaginary Book Club!

Back in March, Whitney put together a fun post on who would be in her Imaginary Book Club. While it’s fun to speculate about all our fantasy book club members, we always want to give you the chance to know a bit more about the folks who make up the Imaginary Book Club community. Each month we’ll be profiling one of our writers or contributors with a fun Q&A post. Feel free to chat them up in the comments. We love that. Now let’s get into it! Austyn’s in your Imaginary Book Club! Where were you born and where do you...

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For Love of Bookstores | The Bookworm in Kennewick, Washington

Growing up my sister and I were avid readers. We frequented our local public library at least once a week, and helped my mom volunteer at a church’s library. Having access to so many books was amazing, but sometimes a book was so good I wanted, nay, I NEEDED, to own it. I wanted to be able to turn down all the page corners I want (the dreaded dog-ear-ing), maybe underline some parts that really spoke to me, and to have the ability to re-read it anytime I wanted. My dad is a HUGE bookstore lover, and I inherited...

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Book Review | Cinder, by Marissa Meyer

I love young adult (YA) fiction. Even though my favorite book in middle school was The Bell Jar (decidedly NOT a YA book), as an adult I still enjoy a good YA read. Cinder is a really really really good YA read. Set in a future still recovering from the wars of the past, Cinder is a cyborg mechanic who lives in New Beijing. At only 16, she’s really freaking good at her job. So good, in fact, that the prince seeks her out to fix his android. She’s named Cinder, she’s dirty (literally-she’s a mechanic, she’s covered in grease),...

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Book Review | When J.K. Rowling Wrote Under a Pseudonym and was Still Awesome: Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

I was so scared to read this, honestly. I love the Harry Potter series and had heard nothing good about JK Rowling’s post-HP novel, A Casual Vacancy. But then I heard about The Cuckoo’s Calling, and the great reviews it was receiving. Writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, Rowling had me intrigued, and after beginning his book, I was hooked. I read it on all of my tens and lunch breaks at work, and even read in lieu of Netflix. Rowling’s war veteran turned private detective, Cormoran Strike, isn’t a handsome noir detective full on snappy one-liners and oozing...

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Book Review | A Lesser Known Christie Classic – N or M?

I love mysteries and Agatha Christie is the queen of mysteries. After reading her classics like Murder on the Orient Express, And Then There Were None, and several Hercule Poirot novels, my sister stumbled upon a bunch of Christie paperbacks at a yard sale and gave me a pile, including N or M?. Set during World War II, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are an older couple who served in World War I and want to help the war effort but aren’t allowed to enlist. Instead, they are secretly recruited to stay at a seaside inn under aliases to find...

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