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Author: Austyn

TRADE | The Many Lives of Archie Andrews

Probably the first comic book series I loved was Archie. Archie revolved around a group of never-aging teenagers in Riverdale and their love lives and antics. It was funny and occasionally poignant as Archie tried to choose between Betty and Veronica, the two women who ruled his heart. Jughead Jones was my favorite character because he didn’t care to be involved in any love triangles and just wanted to eat all the hamburgers and hang out with this friends and his dog, Hotdog. You have probably read Archie, or at least flipped through an issue while waiting in the...

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TRADE | Paper Girls by Brian Vaughan and Cliff Chiang

Paper Girls is an amazing new comic. It is really, REALLY good. From writer Brian Vaughan and artist Cliff Chiang, Paper Girls is set on November 1, 1988. Y’all know I’m picky about the comic art that I like, and Paper Girls is gorgeous. You should never judge a book by it’s cover…but this cover is gorgeous and I totes picked it up off the shelf because of it. And yes, this story does revolve around four, 12-year old paper girls. Being set in ‘88, one of the paper girls uses some jarring language early on, which threw me,...

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For Love of Bookstores | Barnes & Noble

My love of bookstores blossomed into full romance when my hometown finally got a Barnes & Noble. It had lines for weeks, probably months! It was bright and pretty inside, and everything was new and shiny. They had books that had just been released, and the whole huge building added on to the front of our mall was full of shelves of books. It was heaven. Move over fancy new Old Navy (back when we thought polar fleece vests were awesome), I want to get to B&N! …Wait, are polar fleece vests awesome again? I might be behind the...

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Book Review | Getting Lost in the World of the Janeites

In my life I’ve had several forays into fandom, including the Baby Sitters Club (BSC forever!), Doctor Who (David Tennant is my Doctor), and Harry Potter (Neville and Luna really steal the show). But through it all my one, forever enduring, fandom has been Nancy Drew. I discovered Nancy Drew in elementary school before I was old enough to check out chapter books at school. She is the quintessential badass of young sleuths, and she is my literary hero. Back in the early 1990’s the Internet wasn’t easily accessible. We used computers to play Oregon Trail and SkiFree. Without...

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Austyn’s in your Imaginary Book Club!

Back in March, Whitney put together a fun post on who would be in her Imaginary Book Club. While it’s fun to speculate about all our fantasy book club members, we always want to give you the chance to know a bit more about the folks who make up the Imaginary Book Club community. Each month we’ll be profiling one of our writers or contributors with a fun Q&A post. Feel free to chat them up in the comments. We love that. Now let’s get into it! Austyn’s in your Imaginary Book Club! Where were you born and where do you...

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For Love of Bookstores | The Bookworm in Kennewick, Washington

Growing up my sister and I were avid readers. We frequented our local public library at least once a week, and helped my mom volunteer at a church’s library. Having access to so many books was amazing, but sometimes a book was so good I wanted, nay, I NEEDED, to own it. I wanted to be able to turn down all the page corners I want (the dreaded dog-ear-ing), maybe underline some parts that really spoke to me, and to have the ability to re-read it anytime I wanted. My dad is a HUGE bookstore lover, and I inherited...

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