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Author: Becca

Kids Read With IBC | B is for Beaver: An Oregon Alphabet, by Roland Smith and Marie Smith

A, B, C, D, E, F, G….how many times do we hear this song as a little one? How many books are out there to help us learn our ABCs? I wish I had the answer because I’ve read the ABCs a lot and certainly sing the ABC song often to my little one, as I have over the years to kids I have babysat. There are some great book versions out there and one that I have been enjoying is B is for Beaver: An Oregon Alphabet by Marie and Roland Smith. While there are several books in...

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Book Review | Harvest, by Stefani Bittner and Alethea Harampolis

One of the joys of growing up is you get to decide what to eat…or maybe that’s just me because I love food. I have been working to expand the types of food I eat and the ingredients that I use. Admittedly, this is easier said than done when there are some foods that just make you feel like you are home. I dream of living in a place where a garden could be a reality and I could grow fresh fruits and veggies, be cool enough to can some of them, and be a neighbor who shares her...

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Kids Read With IBC | Wild About Books, by Judy Sierra

Are you up to reading a book about a wrong turn, a moving library, a zoo, and animals who become authors? If so, Wild About Books by Judy Sierra with pictures by Marc Brown is the book for you! This was another gift for Jumping Bean from a family I babysat for in California, who lovingly gifted us some of their favorite books. My little man loves to read and this book is a winner in his eyes! This book is such an easy and fun read; with rhymes and an easy to follow cadence it is sure to...

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Book Review | Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine

Earlier this year I posted about loving re-imagined fairy tales; now unfortunately that particular book wasn’t one that I would re-read. I decided I needed to let you know about one that I have read over and over again to the point of needing to buy a new copy as my paperback is about to fall apart – Ella Enchanted. It was published in 1997 and I have had my copy since about 1999. I am positive it is something that I bought at a middle school scholastic book fair – do they still have those? Ella is cursed...

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Author Overview | Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

When Whitney, our fearless leader, gave us contributors a few ideas for this month to write on and asked for pitches I immediately wanted to cover Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Lucky me, I got the go ahead! You might remember I reviewed The Lorax back in August. I grew up with a love for Dr. Seuss and the zaniness that his style captured and I figured it would be an amazing opportunity to read more about him. I decided to read three different biographies to get an idea of who he was and how he ended up where he did....

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Kids Read With IBC | Four Feet, Two Sandals, by Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed

We can’t help but be inundated with political news as America embraces or dreads our new president. This past week there was a temporary ban on refugees entering the country, creating confusion at the airports, isolating people from their families, and prompting a near immediate lawsuit from the ACLU.  We have refugees who are wondering where they are going to be safe or if they will forever be in limbo. As this has made a huge media splash, we need to remember that we have lots of little eyes looking to us to lead them through understanding this situation. I don’t...

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