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Author: Caitlin

Kids Read With IBC | Thank You Octopus, by Darren Farrel

Thank you, Octopus, by writer and illustrator Darren Farrell, is the kind of children’s book I can’t help but love. The more things don’t make sense, the more I love them. Let’s start by talking about how a boy and an octopus apparently live alone on a boat in New York Harbor, with a bear as their captain and an impressive amount of monsters (including a tiny abominable snowman, the gingerbread man, and what looks like the child of a Wookie and a Harlem Globetrotter) in their closet. Also, let’s talk about how an octopus is capable of secretly...

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Kids Read With IBC | Chu’s Day, by Neil Gaiman

Pandas? Check. Weird noises to make kids laugh? Check. Colorful, detailed illustrations to keep everyone interested? Check. Authored by the same mind who brought us Coraline, American Gods, and Sandman? Check. Really, what more could you ask for in a picture book? Chu’s Day, Chu’s Day at the Beach, and Chu’s First Day of School, by Neil Gaiman, chronicle the adventures and catastrophes that await Chu the panda because of his sneezes. In the first book, we see him able to flatten circus tents and uproot diners. At the beach, Chu pulls a Moses and parts the ocean, causing...

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Kids Read With IBC | Thunder Boy, Jr. by Sherman Alexie

Thunder Boy Jr. is named after his dad, Thunder Boy Smith Sr. But while Thunder Boy loves his dad, he wants a name that is all his own. He wants a name that describes who he is and what he likes– like his bravery in touching a wild orca or his love of powwow dancing. In his words, “I love my dad but I want to be mostly myself.” Fortunately, his dad understands, and at the end of the book gives him a powerful new name that not only speaks to his son’s personality but also to the bond...

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Kids Read with IBC | Grandpa Green, by Lane Smith

Grandpa Green has had a long, eventful life. Unfortunately, he’s getting old now, and he can’t always remember things. He even forgets where he leaves his hat. In this beautifully illustrated book, his great-grandson shows us his garden– a garden which serves as a living memory to capture the moments that Grandpa Green never wants to forget. Aging and memory are non-traditional fodder for a children’s book, but who better to tackle them than Lane Smith, who has mastered making everything from math to Abe Lincoln accessible for kids. He shows how important our family histories are, especially when...

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Bookish Musings | Passing Along a Love of Harry Potter

This post contains mild spoilers for the original 7 volume Harry Potter series but no spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.   My husband and son finished reading the first Harry Potter book this morning. To mark the occasion, my son tried to eat the book. I can’t blame him though; he just turned six months old yesterday, and the story does come to feel like it should be a part of you. His introduction to the world of Harry Potter began almost immediately after he came home from the hospital. The illustrated version of Harry Potter...

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