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Author: Jill

5 Great Books for Exploring Our National Parks

On August 25th, America’s National Parks celebrate their birthday, and as a celebration entry fees are waived! It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the best places our country has to offer. Sweeping views, poignant history, and crystal lakes and seashores – the parks really have it all. Here are some books to make you feel like you’re there if you can’t make it to a park on the 25th. Lassoing the Sun: A Year in America’s National Parks by Mark Woods When Mark Woods wins a fellowship to spend a year traveling in the National...

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6 Great Reads for New England Summer Adventures

New England is famous for its leaves in Autumn, but in my opinion there is no better season than summer. It’s warm, but not too hot. It’s a quick drive to go between the beach and the mountains. Seafood shacks and ice cream stands abound. In full disclosure I grew up there, so I’m biased. However I haven’t lived there in almost 20 years, and I still make sure to go back every July. Whether you’re going to New England this summer, or just doing some armchair travel you’ll enjoy these books from each of the six New England...

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These Happy Golden Years, by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I’ll admit it. I cried at the end of These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It wasn’t a full on sobbing on the Metro, make a spectacle of myself cry. Let’s just say things might have been a little dusty around 5:30 on the Red Line that day. It’s been quite a journey with the Ingalls family. I can be a big cynic, but to see the little family get what feels like their happily ever after was good. In the previous book there was a lot of talk about what the family didn’t have, but this...

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5 Books to Sweep You Away to Italy!

One of the best parts of traveling is reading books set in the place where you’ll be going! This summer I’ll be highlighting three travel destinations and recommending books that you should read before you go, while you’re there, or even if you’re just dreaming of going. My first reading destination is Italy, a place I’ve never been. It’s been on my travel wish list forever, though. I’d love to spend a month exploring the beaches of Cinque Terre, touring all of the famous buildings in Florence and Rome, and getting lost in the Italian Alps. I’ve read so...

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6 Perfect Reads for Armchair Astronauts

One of the best things about reading is the ability to travel someplace you’d never get to visit in real life – like outer space. I had grand visions of being an astronaut as a kid, but bad grades in my physics classes, poor eyesight, and several phobias kept me out. Good thing I have books! In honor of National Space Day, here are six books I like to turn to when I feel like being an Armchair Astronaut. 1. Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space...

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Book Review | Little Town on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder

If I had to sum up Little Town on the Prairie in one word it would be bittersweet. The Ingalls family has more money, but they also want a lot more. Mary is off at college, but Carrie is weak after The Long Winter. Even Christmas has lost its usual magic. Laura is a full-on teenager now, and it’s fun to see her making her way in the world. She gets a job mending shirts in town, attends dances and parties, and starts to interact with boys. At school Laura’s old nemesis Nellie Olson comes back. Nellie’s father seems...

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