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Author: Whitney

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 44

Hi there, This past week has been awesome! I’ve been doing some interviews with authors and publishers to see how they can be more involved with Imaginary Book Club, which has been really enlightening. I’ll be coming back to y’all to see how you like their ideas – if you want to help me think through it, fill out this little survey and drop me your email address! As we grow, my favorite part of Imaginary Book Club is always going to be reading with y’all. And not only is A Man Called Ove a sincerely excellent read, but it’s a...

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Lake Wobegon Days Was Just No Fun

Good lord, I thought I was going to like this book a heck of a lot more than I actually did. For someone who is a dedicated lover of A Prairie Home Companion, I assumed that I could pick up any one of Garrison Keillor’s books and happily be consumed by the warmth, humor, and enjoyment that I get curled up with a coffee listening to A Prairie Home Companion. When I added Lake Wobegon Days to my 35 by 35 reading list (let me know if you’d be interested in my full list!), I was sure that this...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 42

Happy Saturday! This was one of those weeks where I thought it would never come. Sometimes, the week is just too much for me. It’s easy to get drowned in the day-to-day. That’s why we’re shaking it up around here! We’ve launched a brand-new Facebook Group – the perfect spot to share your latest read, and get to know others within the Imaginary Book Club community! If you haven’t joined already, hop on over and check it out! We’d love to hear your voice. We’re also gearing up for an epic discussion of The Hate U Give. There has been...

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Book Review | The Clancy’s of Queens, by Tara Clancy

When I met Tara Clancy at Book Riot Live last fall, I could not stop laughing. Clancy is such a character. She’s a born storyteller, bravely narrating her own life in the boldest Queens accent you could imagine. She once told NPR:  “Unfortunately, people hear [my accent] and they don’t think, ‘Now there’s a person who popularized quantum electrodynamics,'” she says. “They hear it and they make judgments.” I immediately fell in love with Clancy. I knew this was a writer I needed to read. Clancy comes from a big, New York, Irish-Italian family. A former bartender, she considers...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 40

Hi y’all, Whenever spring hits, I start getting a little antsy. Of course, I hit the spring cleaning hard (don’t ask me about the bags of books sitting in the corner of my bedroom), but I also start wanting to shake other things up in my life. Whether it’s signing up for a ridiculous plan of running a 5K every Friday in April, to taking a class at my local small business development center, to cutting off half my hair – my brain is just in change mode! Are you doing anything to shift up your world coming into...

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Book Review | The Circle, by Dave Eggers

It was rather obvious what Dave Eggers was imagining when he began developing the novel The Circle. It’s something I think we all consider in this day and age. We’re living in an age of social media and public presence, in which people spend countless hours documenting their lives on the internet and observing the lives of others. What happens when you take that logic to the ultimate conclusion? What happens when privacy ceases to be a right? I initially heard of The Circle last summer when Austyn mentioned it briefly in her overview of Dave Eggers as one...

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