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Favorites | November 2015

I won’t profess that I read enough books in a month to really generate a whole monthly favorites series dedicated solely to books. I don’t really think it would be that interesting for me to post something along the lines of “I read three books this month, this is my favorite”. That’s just silly. And you’ll hear plenty about my favorite books. These monthly favorites are more designed to give you a taste of other things happening in my life – things I’m sampling and enjoying, and things you might like too! We’ll see how this goes – on to...

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Book Review | Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngoze Adichie

I didn’t realize it when I started Americanah, but this was not the first book I had read by Chimamanda Ngoze Adichie. In fact, she is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors, without me even realizing it. To be fair, I’m not always the person to pays a great deal of attention to author’s names (which is probably kind of rude, now that I think about it). If my Goodreads records are to be trusted, I first read Adichie’s Half of A Yellow Sun in October 2011. I recall reading it, even now. I made a mistake with that...

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Happy Birthday to Me!

When I was in high school, birthdays were something I liked to celebrate at home. On that special day, I would be most likely to be found sitting in front of the fireplace warming my bones and chatting with my best friend. Birthday gifts were never a huge deal, and I was not one for parties (I’m slowly learning to admit that I was a shy kid (am still a shy kid), and that’s okay). I was always a bit of a quiet kid. A textbook introvert, my natural state is home, quiet, and with my nose planted in...

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Book Review | The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins

I know this must happen countless times in circles of book lovers. This book came highly recommended, from several different people, all with the same phrase used to describe it: It’s like Gone Girl! Now, first, those people were wrong. This book is not like Gone Girl. Gone Girl was a phenomenon of epic proportions, reminding American readers that a narrator should not be trusted (and that writers can generate original, engaging content). The Girl on the Train, however, is just kind of meh. But then, I can’t be certain. If I had read The Girl on the Train...

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Book Review | Garden Spells, by Sarah Addison Allen

In June of this year, my book queue was getting a little thin. I had just finished reconnecting with Hobbits, and I was in the market for some recommendations. I put the call out on Facebook and Twitter, as I often do, and received so many good recommendations – everything from The Lies of Locke Lamora and His Dark Materials to Things Fall Apart and Watership Down. There are some awesome readers in my life, pointing me to a whole variety of amazing reading adventures. <3 I developed a whole new list of books to read that took me...

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Imagination. Makes it happen.

Author note: Every time I read the title of this, I sing it. I have no idea why. I feel like this is some rhyme from childhood eking it’s way into relevance in my brain. Who knows. But if you also chanted/sang the title, please leave me a comment and help me understand WTF is going on in my brain. I recently read an article at Open Culture on how Franz Kafka believed that the insect in The Metamorphosis should never be drawn, which really got me thinking about how books combine words and imagination to create an experience completely unique...

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