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TRADE | Sunday Comics & Growing Older but not Up

My husband and I are creatures of extreme habit. On Sundays, this means hitting up the Farmers Market, then having breakfast at our favorite diner, grabbing a strong cup of coffee, and flipping through the Essential Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin & Hobbes is an old, dear friend to me. I recall countless hours, days even, spent laying on the floor or my bed leafing through the books. Even before I was old enough to read, I remember listening to my brother read those books aloud (even if he didn’t pronounce all the words properly). Now, each time I open one of those...

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Book Review | Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, by Carrie Brownstein

I think all of us hold an imaginary version of ourselves in our hearts. Just a little picture of what might have been, or could be, or won’t ever be but you still kind of pretend that you are really that person, just hidden under responsibility and maturity and all that. Or is that just me? Somewhere under the surface, completely invisible to the naked eye, I hide a secret persona inside. My secret life as a rebel, a punk, a rocker. It sneaks out, that persona. It’s what gives me more of an attitude than you expect. It’s...

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Best Reads for Hunkering Down in the Cold of Winter

I can’t think of anything nicer in the cold winter months than curling up under a warm blanket, burning a nice candle (like my favorites from the Chesapeake Bay Candle Company), and totally immersing yourself in a really lovely story. Here are some of my absolute favorite books to read (or re-read!) while weathering the next polar vortex: 1. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote In Cold Blood is just a creepy, perfect classic. Particularly creepy, given it’s non-fiction nature; it details the 1959 murders of the Herbert Clutter family in a rural town in Kansas. Capote made the trip out...

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Book Review | MWF Seeking BFF, by Rachel Bertsche

This is a book that surprised me by sticking with me for longer than I ever thought possible. It’s a bit outside my normal reading space – I tend toward the literary and genre fiction and rarely step into memoires unless it’s by an author I’m familiar with. So this work, by Rachel Bertsche, about moving to a new city to live with her boyfriend and struggling to find, make, and keep friendships as a 20-something, was a little outside my comfort zone. I think I found it from one of the gazillion “books to read in your 20s”...

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The Longest Read – Slugging through Les Mis

When I was in high school, I started reading Crime and Punishment. It wasn’t required for anything, I just decided that it was a book that I needed to read, and so I stole a copy from my grandmother’s basement and dug in. It took me THREE YEARS to make my way through that damned book. To be fair to Crime and Punishment, it’s not even a long book! I just could not force myself to read the thing. I would read a few pages, then stop, then start, then give up completely, then start again. It was just...

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Favorites | November 2015

I won’t profess that I read enough books in a month to really generate a whole monthly favorites series dedicated solely to books. I don’t really think it would be that interesting for me to post something along the lines of “I read three books this month, this is my favorite”. That’s just silly. And you’ll hear plenty about my favorite books. These monthly favorites are more designed to give you a taste of other things happening in my life – things I’m sampling and enjoying, and things you might like too! We’ll see how this goes – on to...

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