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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 33

Happy Saturday! This blissful Saturday the Imaginary Book Club team will be taking the trip down to the annual AWP Conference and Bookfair! #AWP17 has a stellar line-up, and it’s one of those fantastic opportunities to spend days rubbing shoulders with all kinds of bookish people. If you’re also hanging around the Washington Convention Center, tweet us at @ImaginaryBC and we’ll assemble a micro-meet -up! In between panels, you’ll probably find me power-reading in the introvert corner. Call me anti-social, but I just cannot put Kindred down! It’s too engrossing! How are you enjoying our book club pick so...

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TRADE | The Wicked + The Divine Volume 3 Commercial Suicide

Finally, The Wicked + The Divine pulled it together. Well, sort of. As many of you know, my principle complaint about the first two volumes of The Wicked + The Divine have been plot related. Beautiful artwork, but wow, convoluted and unclear plot development. Too many characters, insufficient linkages between them all. An amount of confusion such that in order to follow along, one must read and re-read more times than one would like. BTW, I’ll avoid spoilers for this volume, but I can’t guarantee that I won’t give away elements of volumes 1 and 2, which have been...

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Top 10 | Get Started With Literary Fiction

Often, as readers, we have a tendency to get stuck in a rut, reading the same genres and authors that we always read. While it’s fun to read what you love, and I would never bash anyone for playing favorites, a big part of the joy of reading is exposing yourself to something that you might not have experienced otherwise. That’s part of the reason we offer these getting-started guides to different genres! Today we’re looking at Literary Fiction. As a genre, I find Literary Fiction a little odd. It’s a genre created essentially to separate “fictional works that...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 32

Hi there, Last weekend, I had the pleasure of stopping by Upshur Street Books in Washington, DC with a few friends. And, as is probably true of all of you, I can’t enter a bookstore without leaving with at least a few goodies in a bag! This week, I picked up an excellent pairing – Book One of Bitch Planet and You Learn by Living, by Eleanor Roosevelt. These two manage to create an interestingly balanced perspective on feminism and the resistance. While Roosevelt has a calm, persistent and slow-fought resistance, Bitch Planet gives you the in-your-face confrontation of the patriarchy...

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Favorites | January 2017

January 2017 was not a month I was particularly looking forward to. Even setting aside the ridiculous political environment currently throwing all the babies out with all the bathwater, January and February tend to be my least favorite months of the year. I am one of those people that has a serious hibernation mode. Even my daily step counter is backing me up on this – I went from hitting my goal at least 4 times a week to not hitting it all for two weeks in a row. January is just not my month. That said – this...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 31

Hiya IBC! Is it possible that it’s actually already the last weekend in January? This month has completely flown! This month marked the first month of our #SnackWithIBC newsletter, and so far I’ve heard that it’s a big hit! If you haven’t already – pop over here and sign up to snack with us! I was a spectacular fail at baking Nancy’s cherry pie – ripped straight from the pages of In Cold Blood, but if you did a better job be sure to share it on Instagram using #SnackWithIBC! Speaking of book club – are y’all finished with...

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