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Author: Whitney

Bookish Musings | Polyamorous Reading?

I’m a monogamous reader. To a fault almost, I am the type of person who dedicates myself to reading one book at a time. I do the same thing with series! That’s how I plowed through at least 8 of Patricia Briggs’ novels over the course of one spring and summer, without bothering to pick up anything else. I know not everyone reads the way that I do. Lots of folks out there will find reading two, three, even four books at a time to be stimulating and manageable. I know that y’all are out there! I see it...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 36

Hiya book club, I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but the first week of March has really kicked me into high gear! Something about knowing Spring is just around the corner gave me this whole new burst of energy. Sadly, then the Mid-Atlantic gave me a freak snowstorm to punch the wind right out of my sails. Ah, well, here’s to a couple more weeks of cuddling up with a good book. Have you picked up your copy of Middlesex yet? This one is a re-read for me, and I’m curious if there are other re-readers out there...

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Favorites | February 2017

Normally, February is the one month out of the year where I am genuinely discombobulated. On one hand, it’s usually the coldest and snowiest month of the year which means that I go full hermit mode. On the other, it’s my anniversary and usually the month where I spend a lot of time curled up with my favorite reads. But I said normally for a reason. Some of y’all may have guessed from the photo above, but this February I got to go to Harry Potter World in Orlando! Tacked on to a fantastic trip to see a few...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 35

Peace y’all, Spend a week in touch with my adopted family from the South and suddenly my accent completely changes. Fortunately I got more than just an accent augmentation after spending a week in Cocoa Beach! I also can now say first hand that Harry Potter World is a magical magical place, and well worth the visit to Orlando! Of course, I was equally happy digging my toes into the sand on the beach as I was on a roller coaster (or maybe happier on the beach…) so I’ll call that a vacation well spent! I also took the...

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TRADE | Bitch Planet Vol. 1, Extraordinary Machine

Want to know what resistance means? Bitch Planet will take you all the way to the extreme. Set in an alternate dystopian timeline, Bitch Planet sets a scene in which the patriarchy rules all, and all women who are non-compliant (too fat, too thin, too loud, too shy, too religious, too secular, too prudish, too sexual, too queer, too black, too brown, too whatever) are shipped off of planet Earth and over to Bitch Planet (alternatively called the Auxiliary Compliance Outpost). Bitch Planet is essentially a maximum-security facility, on a foreign planet, designed to “correct” women into behaving in...

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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 34

Hi there, Last week I mentioned that team Imaginary Book Club was hitting up the annual AWP Conference in Washington, DC, and boy did we! It was such an interesting and fun conference, we’re officially committing to head out to Tampa next year for AWP. We’re also kicking off a new effort at IBC – team #NoBanNoWall. Through this effort, we’re going to kick up the number of reviews of books about or written by authors from the countries affected by recent regulations. We’ll also be featuring books about immigration stories. If you’re interested in joining in as a reviewer,...

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