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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 2

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 2

Hi there IBC,

Happy to kick off chapter two with a bit of a ridiculous anecdote. This week was spent in a serious battle with the heat and humidity of the mid-Atlantic, where we have effectively skipped spring and gone straight to the heart of summer. Regardless, that leaves my partner and I constantly seeking air conditioning.

What is a book lover to do when it’s too hot to breathe? Oh, yes, duck into every bookstore you see! While down in Washington, DC for the day I dropped by Kramer’s Books for a browse (and bought a book). Then literally the next day, at the end of  a long walk, my partner and I popped into Barnes & Noble just for a second (coming away with three books). Then only two days later we found ourselves in another Barnes & Noble picking up an emergency book when a Kindle battery died mid-jury duty.

For those counting, that’s five books within a week. We have a problem. Then two publishers sent me books this week, which was absolutely lovely and exciting, but it puts the tally at seven books entering our house.

Whoops!! Guess that we’re going to need some more bookshelves!

Have y’all hauled some books lately? Let me know in the comments.

Ciao y’all,


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Whitney is the founder and one of the speediest readers behind Imaginary Book Club; delivering weekly book reviews, monthly favorites, and frequent recommended book lists with a side order of overwrought musings. After forming and joining book clubs in every city she lived in, Whitney finally decided to take the fun online to connect with fellow introverts who are also longing for a way to connect.


  1. Anna Roberts

    I actually just got a great haul of impulse books from Value Village – I was supposed to be finding new professional clothes for a conference. Instead, I found some of my favorite books on the cheap. Even though these are on many of my favorite book lists, I had either borrowed them or got them on Kindle, so I didn’t have a REAL paper-and-ink versions of these:
    *Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk
    *The Poisonwood Bible
    *White Teeth
    *Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

    Now I can happily foist them upon friends to read! And I picked up two others that I haven’t read but heard great things about:
    *The Dinner by Herman Koch
    *The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

    • Ann

      P.S. Kindle dying mid-jury duty!?!? That’s like my worst nightmare!

      • Whitney

        I know!! It’s rough

  2. AusTyn

    I just grabbed Brain on Fire (which I absolutely inhaled it was so good!), the graphic novel 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, and My Abandonment based on the true story of a father and daughter living in Portland’s Forest Park for 4 years. It was a successful Powell’s trip!


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