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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 46

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 46

Happy June!

May was a crazy month for me. I started a new job, turned 30, and got an offer accepted on a house! (Don’t get too excited though, we haven’t had our inspection yet so the house could still fall through). So I’ve been falling asleep on my couch every night at 9pm, sitting up, with my mouth open. Like the classy adult woman I am.

May was a tough month for the world at large. The terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert was horrible. And here in the Portland area we had three men stand up to white supremacist on the MAX train who was verbally harassing a young black woman and her Muslim friend wearing a hijab. All three men were stabbed (two of them, Rick Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, fatally) and our community is shaken. Locally different groups have been raising money for the victims, and the two girls (their families need to purchase vehicles now because those girls are not going to feel safe taking the MAX anytime soon, and the girls both need some serious counseling after witnessing two murders). And on top of all that, the explosion near Kabul killed at least 80 people and wounded hundreds of others. Doing what is right should never be a death sentence, anymore than attending a concert or being stuck in rush hour traffic should be. It all feels so overwhelming.

The world is a scary, complicated mess, and I have found myself seeking solace in books now more than ever. Yet for all the terrible things out there, amazing people are stepping up every day to improve the world. We can’t give up.

And on that super serious note, enjoy this Book Club Brunch!


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Links We Love

  • If you want to donate to the victims of Portland’s MAX train stabbings, you have several ways you can contribute to the families of Rick Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, as well as the medical expenses of survivor Micah Fletcher, and to the girls who were the subject of the harassment who will need mental health services and help with transportation costs. Check out:• TriMet Heroes:
    • Muslims Unite for Portland Heroes:
    • TriMet Hero Recovery:
    • Girls Who Survived:
  • On the topic of evil, Voldemort is getting his own film! Finally we can see what happened to Tom Marvolo Riddle to make him become He Who Must Not Be Named.
  • I found this blog post to be SO insightful! If someone you know is having a hard time, sometimes our standard responses don’t help and can actually make everything feel worse. Here are ways to be there for a person going through a crisis.
  • And finally, check out the World’s Most Mysterious Book! What do you think it contains? And who wrote it? It’s a mystery!

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Austyn is an aspiring mystery writer as well as a reader of all things at Imaginary Book Club; providing a range of book reviews, recommendations, and her personal take on the greats. Austyn is an avid reader of graphic novels, mysteries, and classics. Between her day job and writing, Austyn doesn't have much time to connect with an in-person book club, but loves taking those discussion online. 

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  1. Bev

    I’ve been thinking of you and all of my friends and relatives in the Portland area. This tragedy wraps so much of what is wrong and right with this world. Prejudice, discrimination and racism = so wrong, and heroism, standing up for others = so very right.


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