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How is it already July? Time is flying over here! I got to see my first Drum Corps show tonight and holy cow…it was awesome! The Blue Devils were by far the best on the field: I don’t know how they manage to march, run, and dance with instruments without missing a beat, but it was freaking impressive!

Last month was crazy, so I’m totally behind on reading Rubyfruit Jungle, but I read Everything I Never Told You in a day and a half, so I am ready this time! I loved how even though the characters were all different and could be somewhat terrible to each other at times, I found myself able to empathize with each and every one of them, which was a really cool experience. I found myself thinking about them a lot in the days after I read it. Are you loving it?

And hopefully it’s not crazy hot where you are, but if it is, maybe read some books that take place in winter to help cool you off. Might I suggest The Snow Child? It’s really good 🙂 What are some good winter books you turn to in times of hot weather?

Peace Out,


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Imaginary Book Club Brunch

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 56

Hello! This weekend is Rose City Comic Con! Will I see any of you there? This past week was full of packing, moving, and unpacking...and let's just say that our boxes were about 60% books, 35% kitchen stuff, and 5% everything else. We used professional movers for the...
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Book Review | Rascal Farms, by Anderson Atlas

Anyone else love to eat? Yes?? I will admit I spend a lot of time thinking about food and what I want to eat or make. This meant I totally understood Mr. Raccoon wanting to mix up his diet with some better quality food in Anderson Atlas’s book Rascal...
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Guess what we’re reading in September?

As with all book clubs, a great part of the joy of our Imaginary Book Club is reading together and chatting about what we’ve read as a group. For more info on how our online book club works, and the many ways you can participate, hop over here or sign up to read with...
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Links We Love

  • This beautiful summary of how Mr. Rogers Neighborhood showed so many of us what neighborhoods should be. It made me tear up a little, not going to lie. He will always be my neighbor.
  • In things I desperately want but totally don’t need, I found this beautiful customizable book embosser. So fancy!
  • Friend to IBC and someone I (and several other IBC members) went to school with, Melissa Queen, is an amazing poet and she has a new book out, Girls Named for Flowers, which you can check out and purchase here!
  • And finally, someone made a video for the Beastie Boys epic song Sabotage…starring Big Bird and his Sesame Street friends. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.

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Austyn is an aspiring mystery writer as well as a reader of all things at Imaginary Book Club; providing a range of book reviews, recommendations, and her personal take on the greats. Austyn is an avid reader of graphic novels, mysteries, and classics. Between her day job and writing, Austyn doesn't have much time to connect with an in-person book club, but loves taking those discussion online. 

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