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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 50

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 50


Time is flying, the sun is shining, and I am heading to the Coast for the weekend! You’ve got to love summer. I’m planning to curl up with a book and spend some quality time with my adorable nephew. Do you have any fun summer trips planned? What’s your go-to summer read? Here’s to more fun in the sun!

Peace out,


Current Reads


5 Great Books for Exploring Our National Parks

On August 25th, America’s National Parks celebrate their birthday, and as a celebration entry fees are waived! It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the best places our country has to offer. Sweeping views, poignant history, and crystal lakes and...
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Imaginary Book Club Brunch

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 54

Hi there, ROUGH WEEK Y'ALL. Freaking Nazis everywhere. This is just garbage.  As a little themed reading, I picked up a copy of Art Spiegelman's The Complete Maus. I suppose when there are Nazi's running wild, the best thing to do is to remember the last...
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Book Review | Love and Gelato, by Jenna Evans Welch

When summer rolls around, I start to crave books about Europe the way kids crave ice cream when they are at the pool (or, let’s be honest with ourselves, always). If the book is about sunny Italy, I can’t pull out my wallet fast enough to purchase it....
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Top 10 | Literary Web Series You Need To Know!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been in love with stories and the different mediums used to tell them. Be it by listening to the enthusiastic voice of a storyteller in class, letting my imagination go wild while reading a book I just happened to stumble upon in the...
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Links We Love

  • I’m fascinated by the New York blackout back in the 70’s. This article has great photos and stories from the people who were there!
  • I love these three questions this family asks each other every day: How were you brave today? How were you kind today? How did you fail today? I want to incorporate this to my daily routine!
  • My friend, and fellow IBC-contributor, Emily, posted this beautiful chart that shows how long produce stays fresh. It’s so visually satisfying!

About The Author


Austyn is an aspiring mystery writer as well as a reader of all things at Imaginary Book Club; providing a range of book reviews, recommendations, and her personal take on the greats. Austyn is an avid reader of graphic novels, mysteries, and classics. Between her day job and writing, Austyn doesn't have much time to connect with an in-person book club, but loves taking those discussion online. 

1 Comment

  1. Whitney

    The Crepes of Wrath??? Cozy mystery titles are seriously the best.

    I’ve got trip #2 out to the Best Coast (West Coast) happening in August. I also have plans in the works to FINALLY visit some of the beaches in the Mid-Atlantic before this summer ends. After nine years out here, you’d think I would have made it out to the beach, but nope. Time to make it happen!

    Maybe I’ll give Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons a re-read on the beach. That’s by far my favorite summer read!


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