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Book Club Brunch – Chapter 6

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 6

Hello imaginary friends!

The world has gone a little unhinged this week. Or perhaps it always was, and we’re just a little more aware of it at the moment.

I saw this excellent tweet earlier this week from @bdell1014 which said simply “#AllLivesMatter is like going to the Dr with a broken arm & he says ‘All Bones Matter’ ok but right now let’s take care of the broken one.”

It’s hard to maintain perspective in a world wrecked with hate and violence and fear. It’s hard to know when to start when everything seems a little hopeless. I’ve tried to round-up a little happiness and hopefulness in the links below this week.



Current Reads


Time for Book Club! The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas

As with all book clubs, a great part of the joy of our Imaginary Book Club is reading together and chatting about what we’ve read as a group. For more info on how our online book club work, and the many ways you can participate, hop over here or sign up to read with...
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Imaginary Book Club Brunch

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 42

Happy Saturday! This was one of those weeks where I thought it would never come. Sometimes, the week is just too much for me. It's easy to get drowned in the day-to-day. That's why we're shaking it up around here! We've launched a brand-new Facebook Group - the...
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What’s your favorite independent bookstore?

Independent Bookstore Day is here, hooray! The last Saturday in April, Independent Bookstore Day (IBD) is celebrated nationwide, often with fun events and readings planned. Why do indie bookstores deserve their own day of recognition? Because as
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I was asking too much of Sarmada, by Fadi Azzam

I really wanted to like Sarmada by Fadi Azzam, translated by Adam Talib. I still really want to like it. The reviews and the blurbs promised the stories of women living their lives in a small town set against the backdrop of the political situation that has created...
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Whitney is the founder and one of the speediest readers behind Imaginary Book Club; delivering weekly book reviews, monthly favorites, and frequent recommended book lists with a side order of overwrought musings. After forming and joining book clubs in every city she lived in, Whitney finally decided to take the fun online to connect with fellow introverts who are also longing for a way to connect.


  1. Austyn

    Are you reading The Paris Wife? I thought it was good, but her character frustrated me by how meek she came across!

    • Whitney

      I’m actually re-reading it! I honestly don’t remember much of it at all, and I just restarted it a couple days ago. I vaguely recall liking it the first time through, but we’ll see!


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