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Regular readers may recall that I love cozy mysteries.

I mainly read ones based around food or books, but I am willing to try everything once, so I have read Amish cozy, ghost cozies, and even a pottery cozy that had a weird way of writing from the view of the clay…that one I gave up on.

So when we got the opportunity to read and review a new cozy “A Composition in Murder” by Larissa Reinhart, I said “sign me up!”

Lesson: Don’t Read The Sixth Book In A Series With No Context

“A Composition in Murder” takes place in Savannah, Georgia. Cherry Tucker is an artist who lost her artist gallery because of her nemesis, Shawna Branson. There is a very convoluted seeming storyline involving Cherry’s mom and Shawna’s dad, and somehow there might be  relation there…or at least I think that’s why Cherry’s brother kidnapped Shawna and tried to force her to have a DNA test. So Cherry’s brother is in jail, her Uncle is the Sheriff, she lives with her best friend Todd McIntosh, who she was married to for a minute after a Vegas trip. She’s also dating a police officer, Luke Harper, who is related by marriage to Shawna Branson.

Confused? Does that sounds like a lot of stuff to follow?

I agree.

It took a while for the full story of the Shawna/Cherry drama to unfold, and all the previously mentioned stuff has very little to do with the actual murder part of the book.

And this is why I try not to start reading a series by diving into book six, and “A Composition in Murder” is book six of the Cherry Tucker Mystery Series.

If you love multiple story lines, you’ll enjoy this book!

Beyond the multiple murders, there are a bunch of elderly folks living at Halo House, the retirement facility that Cherry works as an art teacher at. They are all very feisty, and several of them seem purposefully over the top. They bring in a whole thing where drug dealing may or may not be happening at Halo House, with the residents contributing.

I do like that these older folks are capable of most anything, and would be the first people to tell you so.

There’s a local gang of youths with ties to the mafia, who use terms I thought went out of style, like “gank.” But that could be a Southern thing, I don’t know! There’s also a possible romance blooming between Todd and Shawna, much to Cherry’s chagrin. And her Uncle is up for re-election soon, and Shawna’s family is apparently really politically powerful, so that’s a problem. There are scheming relatives of the deceased, a stolen will, and an entire sweet-tea business empire on the verge of imploding because no one can agree on the direction the company should head.

There was a lot going on, and I found it hard to stay thoroughly invested without knowing the history of the series. 

I think with some more background I would have enjoyed this book more. Most of the characters seemed to be more caricatures than actual people with personalities, but maybe if I had gotten to know them better in books 1-5 I would have been able to enjoy it. As it stands, this book has a interesting story. 

If you like murders set in the South with a group of very unique characters, and you want a break from reality, this could be the perfect series for you!

Though I would still recommend starting with book one, “Portrait of a Dead Guy.” Even though you should be able to pick up any book in a series and follow along, I also feel it’s best to watch the characters grow and develop the way the author intended, rather than jumping in at the middle and missing the work that went into it all.


A Composition in Murder Book Tour
A Cherry Tucker Mystery Book 6

By author Larissa Reinhart
Tour Dates: November 15th – 21st, 2016


With a new art teaching gig at Halo House—Halo, Georgia’s posh independent living home—and Halo society scrutinizing her family and her love life, Cherry Tucker needs to stay out of trouble. However, her sleuthing skills are sought by Halo House’s most famous resident: Belvia Brakeman, the ninety-year-old, blind CEO and founder of Meemaw’s Tea. Belvia confides in Cherry that the family tea empire is in jeopardy. The CEO suspects her daughter, the COO, has been murdered and she might be next. Her offer is hard to refuse, but will have Cherry treading on Forks County Sheriff toes, namely her personal Deputy Heartache, Luke Harper.

Amid her town troubles, can Cherry put her reputation, romance, and life on the line for the final request of a sweet tea tycoon? While she juggles senior citizen shenanigans, small town politics, and corporate family scandals, Cherry finds the sweet tea business cutthroat in more ways than one.

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About the Author:

closeupLarissa Reinhart


A 2015 Georgia Author of the Year Best Mystery finalist, Larissa writes the Cherry Tucker Mystery series. The first in the series, PORTRAIT OF A DEAD GUY (2012), is a 2012 Daphne du Maurier finalist, 2012 The Emily finalist, and 2011 Dixie Kane Memorial winner. The sixth mystery, A COMPOSITION IN MURDER, is expected to release November 15, 2016. Her family and Cairn Terrier, Biscuit, now live in Nagoya, Japan, but still calls Georgia home. Visit her website,, find her chatting on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads, or join her Facebook street team, The Mystery Minions.

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