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Bookish Musings | A Super Weird Book Haul

Bookish Musings | A Super Weird Book Haul

Having a tendency to read all different kinds of books is something I’m pretty proud of.

Sure, there are genres I avoid (like horror. Stephen King is killing me), but I tend to read really broadly. I like pushing my boundaries and reading new and interesting genres to expand my horizons and learn something.

This can be confusing for booksellers though.

Just this week, I popped into Kramerbooks (at someone else’s invitation this time), and of course, I walked away with TWO bags of books. Add this to a couple other recent Amazon purchases, and I I think I’m in competition for the weirdest book haul.

Here’s what I picked up:

After Austyn’s enthusiastic recommendation in her Comics for People Who Think They Hate Comics, and dropping Volume 1 in my lap when she visited recently, I had to pick up The Wicked + The Divine. And because I’m me, I picked up volumes 1-3. At least I know myself.

Who doesn’t want to get to know our first female President a little better? I’ve been meaning to read one of her memoirs, and this happened to be staring me in the face at Kramers. I’ll have to pick up Living History later.

I meant to pick this up in store, but couldn’t find a copy. This was high on my summer fails list, and is definitely going to sneak in before the end of the year! It sounds fantastic, and has won a long list of literary prizes. Impressive for a first novel!

Sucked. In. I’ve been reading The Gap Of Time, a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, and this has to be the most anticipated retelling yet. Atwood takes on The Tempest. And there were signed copies. Sold.

I was lucky enough to see LearnVest founder Alexa von Tobel (new WCW?) speak at a conference I attended recently and among the myriad of books she recommended, I was really drawn to The Hard Thing About Hard Things. Haven’t cracked it yet, but it sounds amazing!

This book has been staring me in the face for MONTHS. I pick it up, leaf through. Smile all the smiles. And then somehow I leave it there? Finally got over myself, and grabbed Romeo and/or Juliet, because what could be better than choosing another adventure for the star-crossed lovers? Also, illustrations by Kate Beaton.

It’s not the weirdest collection, but it’s definitely unique.

I read what I like, and this is what I happened to be interested in this time ’round.

What books have you picked up lately?

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Whitney is the founder and one of the speediest readers behind Imaginary Book Club; delivering weekly book reviews, monthly favorites, and frequent recommended book lists with a side order of overwrought musings. After forming and joining book clubs in every city she lived in, Whitney finally decided to take the fun online to connect with fellow introverts who are also longing for a way to connect.


  1. Becca

    Books that I have picked up lately: Girl on a Train, The Big Short, and The Book of Speculation. I have managed to read 1/3 and am currently working on Unbroken which was given to me.

    • Whitney

      Ooh, I was actually thinking about The Big Short recently. I haven’t seen the movie and didn’t even know it was a book, bit someone mentioned it and I thought I should check it out!

      • Anna

        GAHHH I’M SO JEALOUS – I can’t wait to read Hag-Seed AND YOU GOT A SIGNED COPY!!! AHHHH!

        Whitney and Becca – I loved The Big Short — I read it during my first year at GLG in DC and it made finance interesting/human. The movie is great too (and I think on Netflix now).

        Unfortunately, I did not like Unbroken as much as I wanted too, but hope you find it better, Becca!

        Here’s my latest haul from the library/bookstore: The Sellout by Paul Beatty; We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayd; The Vanishing American Corporation by Jerry Davis; Fingersmith by Sarah Waters (I want to see the movie Handmaiden that is based on it!); The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen.

        • sherron.roberts@ucf.esherron roberts

          Happy Birthday, my book-loving, copper-top reader!! so proud of you and so happy! sherron (your mom)



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