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Imaginary Book Club is a community of book lovers that supports readers in their pursuit of the perfect book, and in sharing their love of reading with others so they can feel united and share their passion together. Imaginary Book Club readers are enthusiastic book-philes, who identify as readers, whether they pick up one book a month or fifteen.

Join us by reading our book club selection with us every month – there are many ways to participate in our community!


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Interested in writing for Imaginary Book Club?

Imaginary Book Club is always looking for diverse perspectives and voices to feature as new contributors. We are interested in hearing from anyone who knows and loves books from the bottom of your hearts.

We love featuring guest posts from experienced book bloggers, or first time writers craving for an outlet for their book love.

How to apply

If you are interested in contributing to Imaginary Book Club please email Whitney at To be considered, include your contact information, including your name, pen name, your blog (if applicable), your Twitter handle (if applicable), what authors and genres get you excited, and two writing samples.

Your samples should be what you consider ready for publication. Samples can be either straight book reviews, responses to feelings or memories evoked by a book, or broader musings on reading or bookish things. We ask that all pieces use a conversational tone and accessible language. Pieces should be closer to how you would speak to a friend than if you were writing for a formal publication. Keep post titles short and pithy. Typical posts are in the range of 600-1200 words.

We will edit pieces and provide feedback, but will always check back with authors for anything beyond a minor edit. We do work on an editorial calendar, so posts may not be scheduled for publication for several weeks after submission.

Too much?

If you aren’t sure you can make a monthly commitment, but still want to be included in our monthly calls for submissions, drop us your email address here and we’ll be sure you’re in the know!