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Your Imaginary Book Club is made up of some amazing readers. Our team has helped to form this amazing community through writing incredible content, including book reviews of their latest reads, overviews of their favorite authors, top 10 book recommendations covering tons of niche topics, and more.


Anna is our resident Ph.D. candidate, as well as dedicated feminist and enthusiastic reader; providing book reviews on fiction and non-fiction alike, as well as recommendations and all sort of other goodies. These days Anna is hailing from the great white north, although she got there by way of Florida, Texas, DC, and California. Anna may mostly be reading for her dissertation these days, but she's still making as much time as possible for reading for fun.


Austyn is an aspiring mystery writer as well as a reader of all things at Imaginary Book Club; providing a range of book reviews, recommendations, and her personal take on the greats. Austyn is an avid reader of graphic novels, mysteries, and classics. Between her day job and writing, Austyn doesn't have much time to connect with an in-person book club, but loves taking those discussion online. 


Becca is excited to be contributing to the Imaginary Book Club; sharing her thoughts on all things related to children's books! With a growing family and a strong love of all things bookish, Becca is bringing a unique perspective to our team. Becca's life just got a lot more busy with an infant son, but she's happy to be sharing her thoughts on books for parents of children of all ages. Becca is based in Portland, OR, where she is happily enjoying the Northwest life.


Caitlin is representing teachers at Imaginary Book Club! She's contributing mostly to our children's book series, Kids Read With IBC, while also sharing her eternal love for all things Harry Potter. Caitlin is an avid reader of graphic novels, classics, and so much more. She's a huge fan of Murakami in particular. Between teaching middle school and spending as much time as possible with her young son, Caitlin keeps busy, but is happy to be joining her book club online.


Casey is a new contributor to Imaginary Book Club. She has a love of non-fiction books, especially criminology and feminist books. Casey currently lives in DC with her dog Sasha. When she's not reading, Casey spends her time trying to learn Spanish.


Emily is a new contributor to the Imaginary Book Club who is a compulsive reader and writer. She loves almost all genres, especially fantasy and science fiction (with a hefty amount of fascination with memoirs, philosophy, food/travel writing, and non-fiction thrown in). Emily is an Oregonian fan-girl who deeply enjoys etymology, tea, and looking at science's butt.


Jill is a life long book worm who lives and reads near Washington, D.C. Despite rampant fires and crime on the metro she will always be a loyal rider because public transportation gives her two hours to read every day. She’ll devour everything from YA fiction to obscure non-fiction texts. Jill has two elementary school aged kids who she is training to be junior bookworms. They day when the Scholastic book order form comes home is the best day of the month for all of them.


Kate is our personal librarian as well as one of the devourers-of-books at Imaginary Book Club; providing a professional's take on book recommendations, reviews, and general thoughts from the library shelves. As one of those silly people who decides to go back to school in her late twenties, and works with books for a living, Kate is always looking for an excuse to talk about her love of books outside of school and work. 


Leah is a spunky kindergarten teacher in Seattle, WA. She loves sharing books with her class and seeing the passion some of her kiddos have developed for books. When she isn't working you'll find on a mountain hiking, or sitting somewhere around Seattle reading or listening to an audiobook.


Molly is a new contributor and renegade bibliophile based in Washington, DC. When she isn’t staying up at all odd hours reading her latest literary find, she is most likely chatting about it with friends, co-workers and the odd, unsuspecting mailman. Using her many years of experience as a devout reader, Molly is ready to dispense all advice, opinion and unrestrained remarks about literature, both fiction and nonfiction.


Nicole is an aspiring writer, Masters student and tea enthusiast who will wander into a bookstore or library at any chance she gets. When she's not working to fund her book addiction, she writes book reviews and occasionally her own short stories. She loves all genres of fiction but is always on the lookout for strong characters - the feistier the better!


Rachel is a new contributor to the Imaginary Book Club; sharing her addiction to children’s books one picture book at a time. As a work-from-home mama, Rachel spends her days sipping imaginary tea with her feisty two-year-old, and her nights growing her business as a consultant with Usborne Books & More. Although Rachel never stays anywhere for long, her family is currently based in Provo, Utah while her hubby finishes an MBA.


Sarah Fox is an aspiring young adult author as well as a contributor to the Imaginary Book Club. She is obsessed with young adult and literary fiction, wandering the local D.C. bookstores, and playing with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi. When she is not giving her bookish opinions for the Imaginary Book Club, she is a freelance editor and writer at the Bookish Fox.


Whitney is the founder and one of the speediest readers behind Imaginary Book Club; delivering weekly book reviews, monthly favorites, and frequent recommended book lists with a side order of overwrought musings. After forming and joining book clubs in every city she lived in, Whitney finally decided to take the fun online to connect with fellow introverts who are also longing for a way to connect.

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