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Book Review | When J.K. Rowling Wrote Under a Pseudonym and was Still Awesome: Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

Book Review | When J.K. Rowling Wrote Under a Pseudonym and was Still Awesome: Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

I was so scared to read this, honestly. I love the Harry Potter series and had heard nothing good about JK Rowling’s post-HP novel, A Casual Vacancy. But then I heard about The Cuckoo’s Calling, and the great reviews it was receiving. Writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, Rowling had me intrigued, and after beginning his book, I was hooked. I read it on all of my tens and lunch breaks at work, and even read in lieu of Netflix.

Rowling’s war veteran turned private detective, Cormoran Strike, isn’t a handsome noir detective full on snappy one-liners and oozing sex appeal. He is proud, stubborn, not the best at communicating, and though his office (and himself) look worse for wear, he is damned good at his job. His new assistant, Robin Ellacott, ends up being the perfect match for Strike, and stays working with him even thought he can barely afford to pay her. Strike is hired by supermodel Lula Landry’s brother to investigate her supposed suicide.

Initially, Strike views this as a cold case and doesn’t want to take it on, but he needs to money, so he begins to investigate. As Strike digs deeper into Lula’s past, her adoptive family, and her well-known actor and drug-using boyfriend, he begins to believe that maybe Landry didn’t commit suicide after all. With assistance from Robin, Strike uncovers the truth about Landry’s death in a plot that was very well executed and actually caught me off guard at the reveal.

I really appreciated that Robin wasn’t relegated to being simply a love interest (she’s already engaged), or merely a sidekick. She proves an integral part of the story and is immensely helpful to Strike, whether he initially realizes it or not. I also like that Strike isn’t perfect but is full of imperfections that make him more realistic and, in my opinion, more likeable. Details like how he doesn’t always take proper care of his amputated leg, his volatile relationship with his ex-girlfriend, his lack of relationship with his estranged father, and his immense mountain of debt create a character that you can find yourself rooting for; he is a perfect underdog.

The detail paid to Harry Potter characters is deftly assigned to Rowling’s detective and everyone he encounters. I was relieved to hear that Strike would become a series of books because his character is one that deserves a long life in literature. The Silkworm, the second Cormoran Strike novel, is also fantastic, and I’m getting ready to read the third Strike book, Career of Evil. Though each Harry Potter book was actually a mystery novel, this more traditional and nuanced type of mystery suits Rowling’s abilities extremely well.

Read them all! So, so good.


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Austyn is an aspiring mystery writer as well as a reader of all things at Imaginary Book Club; providing a range of book reviews, recommendations, and her personal take on the greats. Austyn is an avid reader of graphic novels, mysteries, and classics. Between her day job and writing, Austyn doesn't have much time to connect with an in-person book club, but loves taking those discussion online. 


  1. Bev

    I read A Casual Vacancy and never wanted to read anything by J K Rowling again because i may come to hate her as an author. I didn’t want to ruin her for me because I so loved the HP series.

    Cuckoo’s Calling was recommended by people that I trust so, I gave it a try. I too was hooked, this is an intriguing book and I can imagine that she could easily make it into another impressive series of books.

    I can also imagine it as a movie. I saw recently that A Casual Vacancy is going to be, or is already a movie. That book was so slow moving and dull that I can’t even fathom why someone would think to make it into a movie.

    • Whitney

      Oooh, I didn’t know that you had read Cuckoo’s Calling! I had the same nerves about this that you did…

  2. Jenny @ Reading the End

    I just read The Silkworm and Career of Evil back to back, after having had mixed feelings about Cuckoo’s Calling. I liked them both a lot! The Silkworm is my favorite, I think, just because it was fun to see her write about the milieu of publishing. And I love getting to know Cormoran and Robin better, and watching them improve at being partners. It’s lovely.

    • Whitney

      It sounds like such a great read! Rowling is the master of amazing characters!

    • Whitney

      This might be a good halfway between YA and adult fiction! Rowling has some serious writing genius.



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