Favorites | December 2016

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If this was a truly truly honest monthly favorites, I would just post image after image of my nieces and nephew.

I’m not going to though, mostly because their parents wouldn’t be too keen on the idea. But so many baby cuddles! And so much fun hanging out with our littlest reader! December is always a month I look forward to, because it creates a rare opportunity to spend lots of time with friends and family who are so far away.

I hope you also got the chance to sit and talk and just enjoy the company of loved ones.

It’s also been a very busy month at Imaginary Book Club! After celebrating our one year anniversary, we kicked off the busiest month yet! Here’s a quick wrap up of some of my favorite posts from the last month for a re-read:

And now, time for some non-book goodies I’ve been loving this month!

1. Sorel Carnival Boot

Boots, boots, boots! I’ve been meaning to get some serious winter weather boots for the last three winter seasons, and never quite got around to it. Not this year! Hearing that my hometown had several inches of snow prompted me to finally get around to picking up something more serious than leather riding boots. These Sorel boots are exactly what I wanted. They are seriously warm and cozy, and they seem to be slip-proof. I am now prepared for all weather!

2. A Holiday Carole

Carole King is a wonderful human being and a fantastic songwriter, and although this holiday compilation doesn’t showcase those latter skills, it’s still lovely. My mom also got a copy in her stocking this year. Because Carole King is lovely. That is all.

3. PiperWai Natural Deoderant

I have to say, I like this a lot more than I expected to… “Natural” deoderant is a bit of a silly concept. Really, this is an alluminum free deoderant that uses activated charcoal to absorb moisture and neutralize odor. I liked the idea of trying something different from my normal routine, and cutting out a possible carcinogen is never a bad thing. Turns out, I like it a lot! It’s kind of a weird consistency – like a paste – and since I bought the tub rather than the newly released stick, I have to rub it on with my fingers. Weird, but not that weird. It’s also weird in that it works. Really well. Like “clinical strength” well. Definitely would recommend!

4. Kurgo Seatbelt Tether Restraint for Dogs

For the first time in more than half a dozen years, my husband and I actually have a car again. This means that we’ve been exploring all the possible car-related accessories that we might need. High on the priority list was a seatbelt for our dog, who doesn’t do particularly well in cars, and could use the security of a restraint. This one from Kurgo is great – it has a carabiner that clips directly on to his normal harness, and attaches to the seatbelt buckle on the other end. The restraint length is adjustable, so we can give him enough space to move, but not enjoy that he’ll fall or be obnoxious.

5. Cartoon Cat Sticker Bookmarks

Does this need an explanation? They’re little tiny cardboard boxes with sticky bookmarks shaped like cats in them. I found these while crafting the ultimate Secret Santa gift, and am so happy that I did! They come flat, and then you fold the box together and the little kitty looks like he’s hanging out inside the box. And then they’re sticky notes!

In Sum

Thank you for a fantastic December! It’s been such a fun month, and knowing that 2016 is finally over and that we can get our hopes up for a better 2017 is keeping me motivated!


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