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January 2017 was not a month I was particularly looking forward to.

Even setting aside the ridiculous political environment currently throwing all the babies out with all the bathwater, January and February tend to be my least favorite months of the year.

I am one of those people that has a serious hibernation mode.

Even my daily step counter is backing me up on this – I went from hitting my goal at least 4 times a week to not hitting it all for two weeks in a row. January is just not my month.

That said – this month surprised me by having so many awesome things happen! The Women’s March (and my mom flying in for it) turned out to be a real show of force. My husband and I also managed to stick to our goal of doing a Whole 30 for the whole month! Y’all also got to see the fruits of our new partnership with Snacks in the Stacks for the first time!

Hopefully February will be equally surprising in it’s awesomeness!

Here’s a quick wrap up of some of my favorite posts from the last month for a re-read:

And now, time for some non-book goodies I’ve been loving this month!

1. 52 Lists for Happiness

One of my big personal goals for 2017 is to maintain my motivation throughout the entire year, with a real focus on self-care and self-love. It’s easy for me to go in binges with self-care. I work like crazy, and then I break like crazy. It just isn’t working for me long term. I impulse purchased this weekly journal days before the new year started with an eye toward keeping myself more mindful and tuned-in over the course of the year. So far, I’ve taken the time every weekend to take a little break, really think deeply, write down my responses to their lists, and really create a plan for how to move my life toward a happier place. Absolutely brilliant.

2. Glasslock Oven Safe Container Set

For the past 10 years I’ve been using the same plastic food storage containers for leftovers. Ten years ago, people weren’t really worried about BPA or anything like that, and through being microwaved and washed a million times, I’m pretty sure that those containers have long ceased being useful. After a lot of searching and debating, I landed on getting glass containers this time around. These Glasslock containers have been fantastic so far. They aren’t too small or too large, and the lids are super secure. Also love that everything can be washed in the dishwasher and microwaved without any problem!

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini

This is one of those weird moments when one of my favorites is actually something that I don’t personally own! I did purchase it as a gift though! My brother- and sister-in-law received the Fujifilm Instax Mini at the holidays, and it turned out to be one of the biggest hits. Who would have thought that polaroids would make a come back? Taking these tiny little pictures of everyone together at the holidays felt delightfully retro, and made for some fun little souvenirs which are now living on my bulletin board. It’s taking all my self restraint not to pick up my very own.

4. Ultrasonic Humidifier

Sometime shortly after I moved out of my desert homeland (Eastern Washington State), I stopped being able to handle dry air at all. Even out here on the East Coast, I notice huge changes in the humidity. The winter is by far the worst, with the building heating running nearly constantly, just drying out the air. After unloading our bulky, dirty, and super loud humidifier during our move last year, I immediately found a need for a new humidifier this winter. So happy I got this one! It has a nightlight function (that you can turn off) and – best of all – it’s practically silent. We can have it run all day and all night and don’t get annoyed with any whining noises! Yay!

5. 2017 Coloring Day-to-Day Calendar

Another gift turned amazingness! I have a few of Johanna Basford’s adult coloring books, which I love. I was so happy to come across this coloring calendar! Each day is it’s own little card, which includes a specific design. Again, with my goal of spending a little more time working on mindfulness, it’s nice to have little things that you can do every day or every week just to tune back in. These cards aren’t too much to undertake in an evening or even over breakfast, and they keep the spirit of coloring as a super relaxing activity!

2017 is off to a good start!

I expect this year will continue to be a roller coaster of emotion, but so far, I’m liking that the balance is falling on the side of good!

Have you found anything this year that supports your new year’s goals?


  1. I’m trying to get healthier this year, and so far it’s going okay. I’m doing Couch to 5k, and I ate sanely most of the days in January. I hope I can keep it up next month.

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    • That’s a fantastic goal Aj! I always feel like those New Year goals start to taper of in February. The hardest part is letting go of the all-or-nothing if you happen to have a bad day or week! Keep it up!

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  2. I, too, am doing a Whole30. I had been wanting to try it but didn’t think I would be able to stick with it. The fact that you were doing it and I was visiting so I ate your food kick started me. I’m pretty proud that I have resisted temptation as well as I have; donuts at work, going out for a drink with friends (I had iced tea) and grandma’s muffins at dinner last night (I made sweet potato chowder and muffins would have gone so well with it).

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  3. I think I need to buy that Lists of Happiness book!

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