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September has been busy!

The month is bookended by trips out to the best coast.

I kicked off the month by flying out to Seattle for a lovely friend’s wedding, and popping down to Portland for a couple days to greet a brand-new baby. Such a fun trip, and a great way to kick off the month! I get to cap off the month this weekend with another trip too! I’ll be bunking down with some of my favorite lady friends up on Orcas Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle.

I love being able to spend quality time with my friends – particularly friends that I don’t get a chance to see very often! Two trips in a month does make for a very busy month though!

Here’s a quick wrap up of some of my favorite posts from the last month for a re-read:


And now, time for some non-book goodies I’ve been loving this month!

1. Lululemon Leggings

When I moved to my new neighborhood (oh hey NoVa), I joked that I would never really belong in the new hood until I picked up some Lululemon leggings. They’re basically the uniform of all women in the neighborhood. I’ve never actually owned a pair before (or actually any solid black leggings), but I vowed that I would pick some up once the weather started to turn this year. I ended up grabbing two! The Wunder Under pants are awesome, but I also grabbed the High Times pant. I didn’t really think they’d be worth it, but turns out they are. Who knew?

2. Columbia East Out Mini Tote

You know that moment when you impulse purchased in an airport and then it turns out to be exactly what you needed, and perfect forever? Yeah. I had that moment. Randomly, I needed a bag in the airport, when I checked my bag last minute, and I grabbed this tote in the Portland airport. I’ve been using it all the time since. It’s the perfect medium-small bag, which fits just the essentials – my tablet, magazines, wallet, and a few other things. Love it.

3. Nike Free Flyknit Shoes

PERFECTION. These shoes are stupid expensive. Just pretend that’s not true for a minute, and appreciate them with me for a minute. I was looking for some walking shoes, so I didn’t waste the mileage of my running shoes on walking around the neighborhood. These have a mesh upper, in an awesome pattern, a super soft and comfortable sole, and they do exactly what I wanted them to do: look good regardless of what pants I decide to wear. Could not have found more perfect shoes for the fall.

4. Gilmore Girls

As I type this, I’m sitting right in the middle of Season 2 of possibly one of my favorite TV shows ever. Years of watching Gilmore Girls with my sister have ingrained the cast of characters in Stars Hallow forever into my heart and brain. I recently wrapped up binge watching some other show, and out of boredom thought “oh, I can watch Gilmore Girls.” Happiest decision ever! Now I’ve got my husband hooked too, and watching him love every second of one of my favorite shows is so much fun!!

5. Sephora Creme Lip Stain

I’m not huge into make-up. I know some stuff (from my youtube obsession), but I don’t own very much, and I wear even less. So when I say that I’m very nearly at the point where I’m going to purchase another color of the Sephora Creme Lip Stains, you know that it’s something special. I first picked up number 13, which is called Marvelous Mauve or something – it is a perfect fall color. Kind of purple, kind of nude, easy to wear. Now I think I’m going to pick up this shade – 05 Infinite Rose. It’s more of a pink nude, again, nothing adventurous, but an amazing everyday kind of color. These are magical too. They apply like a creamy lipgloss, but they stay in place forever. Weird, and awesome.

In Sum

September is always a rough month – I want it to be fall, but it isn’t yet. Happily, October and real fall is just around the corner! Cannot wait to pull out the sweaters and crunch on crisp leaves.

What have you been loving this month?


  1. I’m rewatching Gilmore Girls, too! And I agree it is so much fun! I haven’t watched it since I was Rory’s age and it is so weird watching it again at almost Lorelai’s age! I am like hating Dean. Is it just me or is he kind of the worst sometimes?

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    • Ugh, yes!! I remember liking Dean so much when I was younger and now I just think “why is she even with him?”

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