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Remember how I got to try out Book of the Month Club (BOTM) earlier this year?

Well I am here to remind you about it because BOTM subscriptions are the perfect holiday gifts to give the book-lovers in your life!

(FYI: This post contains affiliate links and Imaginary Book Club will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. But also please note that I really did get to try BOTM and this post reflects my honest feelings about it.)

Why gift a BOTM gift subscription?

When you give a subscription to BOTM, you’re not giving someone just one book. Nope! They actually get to choose their book from a selection curated by BOTM judges. Each judge gives a quick synopsis on the book and why you should read their choice, and then the giftee can choose a book and they are golden!

Soon a lovely box will arrive in the mail just for them, and they will be stoked because who doesn’t love getting mail?!

Each BOTM book comes in a really nice hardcover format with BOTM embossed on the side all fancy-like. With the book your gift recipient will also get a postcard from the judge who picked the book with a little note about the enclosed book. No box is complete without a standard BOTM bookmark, and one of the boxes I received also had a crazy straw in it! That straw is now my favorite mealtime accessory. Thanks BOTM. It makes me look awesome when I’m drinking 7-Up through it.

I would LOVE to receive a BOTM gift subscription myself, and I know I’m not the only one.

I love reading books (obviously), but I also love getting mail! Many people think gift cards are impersonal, but if you don’t know what books someone already has, you may feel a gift card to a bookstore is your only option. But I think BOTM is an even better option because they’re reminded of you every time they get a new book in the mail. And then you can borrow their BOTM books when they’re done and everybody will get to read new books. Hurrah!

BOTM also give you options for gifting!

You can gift a 3-month membership for $44.97 (which comes out to about $14.99 per book), a 6-month membership for $83.94 (only $13.99 a book), and a 12-month membership for $143.88 (which is just $11.99 per book!).

Because the books are always hardcover new releases, and since shipping is always free, I think the price is perfect. To buy these books as new, hardcover releases from a bookstore would be at least $20.

Need an extra incentive?? New members who gift a subscription get 50% off a 3-month membership for themselves!

And while you should still totally give your local bookstore lots of love and business, this is a cool thing to take part in as well.

All in all, if you have someone that you know loves to read but you don’t know what book to buy them, consider BOTM instead!

They choose books from many genres, so your dear reader will have awesome options. And if you do get a BOTM subscription and read a book from it and LOVE it, let us know here at Imaginary Book Club and who knows? Maybe we’ll read your new favorite book next!

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  1. BOTM is totally worth giving. I’d be so happy to receive a subscription myself!

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