Harry Potter Week!

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I write you this post after staying up all hours of the night to finish Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I couldn’t help myself.

That’s just what happens with Harry Potter. You get swept away.

There’s a special kind of magic that came with growing up with Harry Potter, but I’ve told you that before, so I’ll just say this – I don’t know of a single series that has had quite the same profound impact on an entire generation. I’d ask you to challenge that. Seriously. I don’t know of one.

So many of my friends are die hard Potter fans.

They’re the ones who stay up and stand in line for the midnight releases (books and movies). They’re the first to share the latest story on Pottermore. They finished Cursed Child within the first day.

That’s not really me.

I look forward to Harry Potter in a weird kind of way. It’s like coming home. Exciting, but nothing shocking or new.

Reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a bit of the warmth of the familiar paired with the searing pain of change.

It’s not that I don’t want to love everything J.K. does. I’m a fan. I want to be there and love everything. She’s a seriously impressive person who has assembled a seriously impressive world and a seriously dedicated fandom.

But I was one of those people who never loved the Epilogue, and I worried that I’d have the same distaste in my mouth reading Cursed Child.

I won’t spoil anything here, I promise.

(we can hold that until later this week)

Now that I’m yawning and tired, and coming off the high of dropping back into the land of magic, I just want to share that love with y’all.

So I invited all of our writers to participate in a little break from our usual.

We’re doing a week of Harry Potter.

There’ll be a review of Cursed Child, of course, but we’re mostly just reveling in the joy of magic. Looking back at what an amazing impact Harry Potter had on us, and looking forward to how we want to see Harry Potter influence the lives of generations to come.

All our Harry Potter Week posts:

We’re sharing our love, and hope you’ll share it with us too.


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