Kids Read With IBC | Island-Style Alphabet, by Tammy Yee

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How exciting is it when we have friends who better our lives by introducing new books to us?

One of the presents I received for Jumping Bean is Island-Style Alphabet. My boss happens to be from Hawaii and actually gave us two books with Hawaiian culture knitted through them. The other is Baby’s First 1-2-3 in Hawai’i by Greg Ellis which is one of Jumping Bean’s current favorite books to read.

This book includes references to the Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Hawaiian cultures that are a part of modern day Hawaii.

Each page is beautifully illustrated with a paragraph of text that includes the definitions of the Hawaiian words. The first line is always in bold and a slightly larger font with the proceeding paragraph telling a story filled with words beginning with the same letter and then in smaller print contains the definitions.

I learned quite a bit from this book!

I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii in college but really only saw the tourist side of things. While this book won’t be a tell all of everything it does have some interesting tidbits; for example ‘akala is the word for Hawaiian raspberry. This happens to be a useful word for me because my favorite food is raspberries! Granted I will be looking up to be reminded how to say these words correctly. I want to respect these cultures as well as teach my son to respect and value other people and cultures.

The drawings are beautiful and look like it was drawn with colored pencils.

I love the texture this brings to each page. Even better is you have the opportunity to look at them again at the end of the book as you look for different items in the illustrations. This helps to keep the book new for readers over and over again in addition to it growing with the kids.

If you are interested in Hawaii then you should definitely check out this book!


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