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We all had that one thing that we carried around with us when we were kids.

Maybe yours was a stuffy or a blanket. Mine, it was a pink and white blanket that my Grandma made for me. It’s ratty and full of holes now. It lays in my cat’s bed and has all his toys on top of it.

Mo Willems wrote this adorable story about Trixie, who lives in New York City with her parents. Knuffle Bunny is about Trixie’s prized possession – her bunny. Trixie is going to the laundromat with her dad. When they load the clothes in the machine, maybe a little extra goes in as well! Trixie and her dad start to head home when Trixie (who isn’t able to speak yet, but baby blabber) realizes KNUFFLE BUNNY IS GONE!!!

I’m not a parent, so I haven’t experienced the child-meltdown in the middle of the store or street, but Trixie loses her mind when she realizes Knuffle Bunny is gone!

I can’t imagine how her dad felt, trying to get this crying, screaming, unhappy kid home! But of course Mom knows what’s missing, and they all go running off on a mission to find Knuffle Bunny!

Mo Willems includes real life photos of Brooklyn and the characters are all cartoons drawn by him. This Caldecott Honor Book is the beginning of Trixie’s journey with Knuffle Bunny while she continues to grow.

This is a great story for kids ages 2-5. My kindergarten students enjoyed this because they still carry their own versions of Trixie’s Knuffle Bunny. My students told me what they like to carry around, and how it felt when they couldn’t find it. So they were definitely able to relate to Trixie.

I love this story because of the mixed mediums Mo uses with the photographs and the drawings. It’s a great story you can use all sorts of funny voices with when reading.

Some other great books by Mo Willems are:


Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus! – it’s from a great series about Pigeon who wants to do all sorts of crazy things!

Waiting Is Not Easy – Elephant and Pig are great friends and help your kiddos who are starting to read.

Leonardo, the Terrible Monster – He’s a monster who wants to be good at being a monster, but realizes maybe it’s better to be a good friend than a mean monster.


Do you have a favorite Mo Willems book?

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