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Kids Read With IBC | Thank You Octopus, by Darren Farrel

Kids Read With IBC | Thank You Octopus, by Darren FarrelScore 100%Score 100%

Thank you, Octopus, by writer and illustrator Darren Farrell, is the kind of children’s book I can’t help but love. The more things don’t make sense, the more I love them.

Let’s start by talking about how a boy and an octopus apparently live alone on a boat in New York Harbor, with a bear as their captain and an impressive amount of monsters (including a tiny abominable snowman, the gingerbread man, and what looks like the child of a Wookie and a Harlem Globetrotter) in their closet.

Also, let’s talk about how an octopus is capable of secretly making a vat of egg salad without having opposable thumbs.

And, of all the things, egg salad?

Then, we have to talk about how the octopus somehow managed to find eight-footed footie pajamas, and how both boy and Octopus have bath towels shaped like amoebas.

While the absurdity of the story is a large part of my love for this book, and the story itself is sweet and funny, Darren Farrell’s illustrations make this an absolute winner for me.

Slightly cartoonish in style, each page is full of hidden details that add to the humor of the story: the “Run D M Sea” sticker on Octopus’s guitar amp, the “Buoys will be Buoys” poster decorating the ship wall, and the cartons of banana juice that the characters drink.

Each time I read this with my son I discover new things that make me laugh.

Farrell has two other children’s books, Stop Following Me, Moon! and Doug-Dennis and the Flyaway Fib (Doug-Dennis actually makes a cameo appearance in Thank you, Octopus).

I will definitely be adding those to our bookshelf as well!


Pick up your copy using this link and we’ll make pennies!




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Caitlin is representing teachers at Imaginary Book Club! She's contributing mostly to our children's book series, Kids Read With IBC, while also sharing her eternal love for all things Harry Potter. Caitlin is an avid reader of graphic novels, classics, and so much more. She's a huge fan of Murakami in particular. Between teaching middle school and spending as much time as possible with her young son, Caitlin keeps busy, but is happy to be joining her book club online.

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