Kids Read With IBC | The Night Before Christmas, by Rose Collins

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The holiday season is upon us whether we are ready or not!

There are so many holidays coming up and with Halloween and the elections behind us, we are all so busy. I remember having so many Christmas stories read to me throughout the years including The Night Before Christmas; granted I hadn’t read this adaptation before the Imaginary Book Club was given a copy to review.

You might remember this poem from your own childhood or it might be something entirely new to you. It follows a family on Christmas Eve and a household who is sleeping until the father wakes up to Santa on the rooftop. Santa leaves the presents and goes up through the chimney declaring as he flies away,

“Merry Christmas to all and to all good-night.”

This particular version has a slight twist; the family of four is a family of bears! Now I love the bears because I feel it helps with children’s imaginations. In addition I feel this doesn’t put as much pressure on parents who may not celebrate Christmas with Santa or at all.

The pictures are delightful; my favorites were the ones outside as the snow covered village is beautiful. The interior shots are filled with colors that at times are a little overwhelming but for most young ones they will be delighted by them.

With the colors there are so many details for little ones to look at and find something new when they read it again and again.

I didn’t love the fact that there was such a gender dichotomy in the bears with flowers and pink for the women and blue but that is a personal preference. The portrayal is a very nuclear family with a mom, dad, son, and daughter; with the ever changing dynamics of families this could be a turn off for some.

Thank you Ms. Collins for sharing your work with us.


Pick up a copy here, and we make pennies!

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