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Kids Read With IBC | Wild About Books, by Judy Sierra

Kids Read With IBC | Wild About Books, by Judy Sierra

Are you up to reading a book about a wrong turn, a moving library, a zoo, and animals who become authors?

If so, Wild About Books by Judy Sierra with pictures by Marc Brown is the book for you! This was another gift for Jumping Bean from a family I babysat for in California, who lovingly gifted us some of their favorite books. My little man loves to read and this book is a winner in his eyes!

This book is such an easy and fun read; with rhymes and an easy to follow cadence it is sure to be a hit.

The book is dedicated to Dr. Seuss so it is no surprise that it is set in Springfield where Dr. Seuss was born. Molly McGrew, a local librarian for a library mobile, takes a wrong turn and ends up at the zoo. She takes things in stride and introduces the animals to all sorts of books. Sierra skillfully uses her writing to introduce children not only to books, but also to libraries and some fun animals. Not only do the animals enjoy reading but eventually they try branching out as authors and librarians. And not only do they want to write books, but they choose a variety of genres and styles.

As a kid my punishment was being grounded from reading or the library, so this book speaks to my reading fanaticism and the idea that everyone should read. I love that Sierra has Molly McGrew make sure that everyone has a book that they like:

“Giraffes wanted tall books and crickets craved small books,
While geckos could only read stick-to-the-wall books.
The pandas demanded more books in Chinese.
Molly filled their requests, always eager to please.”

I identify with Molly teaching the animals how to treat books correctly as my 7-month old currently thinks devouring books is a literal phrase, not a figurative one.

Can anyone relate?

Brown’s illustrations are bright but what really stands out to me is the texture of the animals. My favorite is the striping down the elephant’s nose! It could be because I am unfairly biased toward stripes and elephants. He also includes details that add to the story, such as the penguins attempts at poetry which include “slipper flippers on the ice” and “The Iceman cometh.”

Not only do we enjoy this book but it has also received the E.B. White Read Aloud Award!

If you are looking for a book to help you get comfortable reading aloud I would definitely add this one to your list.

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Becca is excited to be contributing to the Imaginary Book Club; sharing her thoughts on all things related to children's books! With a growing family and a strong love of all things bookish, Becca is bringing a unique perspective to our team. Becca's life just got a lot more busy with an infant son, but she's happy to be sharing her thoughts on books for parents of children of all ages. Becca is based in Portland, OR, where she is happily enjoying the Northwest life.

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