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Many will recognize this author from his TV show and will be stunned to find that he has written a children’s book. At least that was my husband’s response when he received it for his birthday, “What?! When Fallon’s wife delivered their little girl Winnie Rose he wanted to assure that her first word would be dada and therefore almost every other word in this book is “dada.” According to the about the author her first word ended up being “mama,” even the best plans can fall through.

As with a majority of children’s books this one is filled with animals and animal noises.

Each Dada trying to convince their young one that they should say Dada and each baby replying with their correct animal noise. This book isn’t something that will stretch you or your child as you read but it is a fun book to give to a new father as something to bond with their little one.

I for one am looking forward to watching my husband read this to our future little one.

When I first read it I was pretty sure the baby animals were the smart ones and the dadas were a little ridiculous but at the same time it is endearing. A big part of the endearing quality is due to Ordonez’s illustrations and how simple and fun they are. The dadas all seem to have an expression of either desperation, frustration, or just wide eyed wonderment at their baby while their babies all seem to look happily an innocent.

Overall, this is a fun read for children under three to have read to them, especially by the father figure in their life.

For those of you who are interested in books for older children I do have some in the line up so just wait and in the meantime keep on enjoying reading!



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