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Read more small press with Vibrant Margins!

Read more small press with Vibrant Margins!

Great novels from small presses are out there.

But how do you find them?

When you have limited time and energy, it’s easy to only see the big books being released by the major publications. Being part of a thriving literary community means reading outside your comfort zone. Picking up a book from a small independent press can be a great way to support smaller authors and explore!

There are a lot of amazing books from amazing authors out there that are getting published by small independent press. There are also a lot of duds.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered a way to find the best of small and independent press!

Taking a unique spin on an independent bookstore, Vibrant Margins helps readers discover great stories from diverse voices. Twice a year they ask authors who have been published on a small independent press to submit their novels for consideration. Then, their team reads through all the submissions and selects six books to make up their seasons’ curated bookstore.

By reviewing their curated bookstore, you can find the perfect recommendations for excellent books released by small independent press!

As a subscriber, you can purchase their entire season, or a subset of your choice! Each month a wonderful novel is featured on their site, with interviews from their authors and more!

The team at VIBRANT MARGINS was kind enough to send us a couple of the selections from their Spring collection!

January’s pick was Salamanders of the Silk Road, a surreal debut novel from Lanternfish Press that explores the life of a man long after his time has passed. It’s a really different and unique read – and not to be missed.

For Feburary, they featured Chrissy Kolaya’s debut novel Charmed Particles. Set against the backdrop of the American Midwest, the novel details the complicated relationships we have with the concepts of home, work, and life.

Next time you’re looking to read outside your comfort zone, take a look AT VIBRANT MARGINS

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