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Favorites | June 2016

This month has been so much fun! For once, I feel like the month hasn’t flown by, but just lasted the perfect amount of time. It was such a blissful happy month.

Highlight of the month was definitely celebrating Austyn‘s husband’s birthday in Las Vegas! Austyn and I have been besties for north of 15 years now, and living on opposite sides of the country we rarely get to see each other. It was so nice to be in the same room. And day drinking. Because VEGAS!

I cannot wait for the excitement of July! On-boarding more contributors for Imaginary Book Club, selling more and more furniture on craigslist, and packing up to move to Arlington Virginia!

Here’s a quick wrap up of some of my favorite posts from the last month for a re-read:

I also have a favorite pic from our Instagram account this month! I bet you can guess why.

And now, time for some non-book goodies I’ve been loving this month!