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Happy Earth Day from Kids Read With IBC| A Green, Green Garden by Mercer Mayer

April 22, 1970 marks the first Earth Day and in 1990 it became global – thank you History Channel for having a lovely website that will tell me these things. For some Earth Day means recycling, composting, gardening, helping pick up trash, cleaning up neighborhoods, or just taking some time to appreciate the amazing world we live in.

In honor of Earth Day here at Imaginary Book Club, we wanted to recognize this holiday and hope you enjoy this children’s book and a few activity ideas to do with kids or just as a beginning gardener!

Little Critter is a character I grew up on and A Green, Green Garden is something I discovered in a six-pack of Little Critter books in the My First I Can Read Book from Harper Collins Publishers. I love finding a new book with a familiar character and am thankful for authors who collaborate under one name to continue these beloved series-well for the most part there are always some that are a miss in my opinion.

In A Green, Green Garden Little Critter and his family go through the process of planting a garden. Starting with picking out their seeds and plants, removing rocks from the soil to get it ready for planting, planting, watering, weeding, and waiting on repeat, adding bugs and compost, and watching their garden grow until they can harvest their yummy vegetables. This book doesn’t go in depth into each step that goes on but it does do a good job at recognizing different pieces that go into the process. This gives the opportunity for a parent, teacher, or caregiver to go into greater detail or introduce kids to gardening.

Expect the illustrations to be the classic Little Critter drawings and the text to be on a white background. The text is formatted with 12 or less words per page with the exception of one page having a whopping 16 words making this an easy read and something to fill a five to ten minute timeframe before another activity, easy bedtime book, or just because you like to read together.

As a little one, books that showed a family carrying out an activity, in this case gardening, always put a desire in me to try it out. From ballet, soccer, gardening, riding a bike to baking or crafts, I was always inspired to try something new! Sometimes this meant I had to imagine because – let’s face it – some of these are just phases, but other times being able to try it out was great fun.

Now, I don’t have the greenest thumb, though I do try and have gotten better over the years, so for activity ideas for this book I looked to some of the amazing blogs out there in Internetland. These are some of my favorites that I found, but there are a myriad of other ideas out there!

  • DIY Vegetable Garden Sensory Box – This project is great of the littles with short attention spans and that lack the patience to wait for a garden to grow. It can also keep younger kids busy while older children help plant a garden or do another activity. This is found on the blog Modern Parents Messy Kids, a collaboration between four moms with their motto “mindful living, effortless style.”
  • Spring DIY Shredded Paper Seed Starters – I love this idea because you can make a bunch of these a gifts and each kid can choose their tissue paper color. This project was written just over 5 years ago on Made Every Day, but it’s one that stands the test of time!
  • Spring Scavenger Hunt – This is perfect for those who don’t like to sit still and want to be moving and looking. It also is a fun show and tell for those who are in a classroom environment. This was found at on the blog I am Mama Hear Me Roar, which is unfortunately no longer being updated.

I didn’t pick any where you start your own garden because timing and what you can plant will depend on where you live; thankfully the internet is full of resources. You might even find local composting classes and/or classes about plants specific to your area. There are so many opportunities just waiting to be had!

Happy Earth Day!