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Month: November 2016

Top 5 | Cozy Mysteries

I love cozy mysteries! As I mentioned on Twitter (which I’m still learning to use!), my definition of a cozy mystery is a murder mystery with less gore, less cursing, amateur sleuths, and generally a theme or a niche- like cats, books, ghosts, etc. Most of my favorite series have something to do with books, […]

Book Review | Naked Lunch, by William S. Burroughs

For those who pretty ignorant on the subject of Beat writing (such as myself) there was actually a court case surrounding the book; the case basically pitted the issue of obscenity against freedom of speech. Naked Lunch was almost banned but the court leaned towards the free speech side of things. The reason for obscenity […]

Imaginary Book Club

As with all book clubs, a great part of the joy of our Imaginary Book Club is reading together and chatting about what we’ve read as a group. This month, we’ve gone for what will be a bit of a palate cleanser after a scary month with Stephen King. For more info on how our online […]

Favorites | August 2016

First off, because I still haven’t managed to finish our book club pick (yikes!), but also because this month started with being in a completely different place. My husband and I made the move from Baltimore to Arlington, and even though we’ve been here less than a month, our new place already feels like home. […]

Bookish Musings | Passing Along a Love of Harry Potter

This post contains mild spoilers for the original 7 volume Harry Potter series but no spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. My husband and son finished reading the first Harry Potter book this morning. To mark the occasion, my son tried to eat the book. I can’t blame him though; he just turned […]

Category: Bookish Musings

Having a tendency to read all different kinds of books is something I’m pretty proud of…. Read More As I type this, Rory Gilmore has just started at Yale. We all know, things kind of go down hill… Read More I look like I am folding laundry, but really I am becoming intoxicated by The […]

Bookish Musings | How Harry Potter Made a Reader of a Book Hater

This post contains mild spoilers for the original 7 volume Harry Potter series but no spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Two siblings: one who loves to read and gets grounded from the library and the other who loves being active, watching TV, and playing computer games. You might assume that the first […]

Book Review | Last Call, by Tim Powers

So many in fact that, if you’ve ever studied psychology, you know that a wild collective unconscious appears, referencing all of these archetypes, ideologies, and mythological commonalities. We’ve meta-ed out as our world has contracted through globalization and now what was once sacred is now ours to dabble and create in, and it’s a pretty […]

Author Overview | The Polarizing Force of Dave Eggers

In early high school I picked up a book at a relative’s house that looked interesting and that had the longest title I had ever seen, and it ended up being like nothing I had ever read before. Many years later ,“A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers remains one of my favorite […]

TRADE | Lumberjanes Issue 2, Friendship to the Max

Holy bell hooks! A few months back, I fell in love with the brilliance of Lumberjanes when I read volume 1. It delivered everything I could have ever wanted as a teenager, with a beautiful cartoonish style, plus friendship, weirdness, and a smart dose of feminism and diversity. I was happy to see Jo, Mal, […]