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Month: May 2017

Never Smile at A Monkey! And 17 Other Important Things to Remember

Do they start jumping around and screaming? Or maybe you and the animal make eye contact and they just walk away like they could care less that you are standing there! In this great non-fiction story called Never Smile At A Monkey, by Steve Jenkins, he tells us what we should and shouldn’t do to […]

Lake Wobegon Days Was Just No Fun

For someone who is a dedicated lover of A Prairie Home Companion, I assumed that I could pick up any one of Garrison Keillor’s books and happily be consumed by the warmth, humor, and enjoyment that I get curled up with a coffee listening to A Prairie Home Companion. When I added Lake Wobegon Days […]

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 43

It’s May, which means spring may have sprung where you live! It also means that I turn the big 3-0 this month. That’s crazy! It feels like only yesterday I was in my early 20’s, broke and trying to figure out life. Now I’m less broke, but still working on figuring out life! I started […]

6 Perfect Reads for Armchair Astronauts

I never knew what a driven, motivated, and inspiring woman Sally Ride was until I picked this book up at the airport one day, and devoured it during a five-hour flight delay. If you like biographies, don’t miss this one.

Scrappy Little Nobody Made Me Fall Harder for Anna Kendrick

In case you are reading this: no, Anna, I am not going to stand outside your window with a boom box. This is because I don’t have a boom box. In all seriousness, I feel the need to declare my undying love of Anna Kendrick because it probably colors this review slightly. Still, even though […]