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Month: January 2018

Guess what we’re reading for book club in May?

As with all book clubs, a great part of the joy of our Imaginary Book Club is reading together and chatting about what we’ve read as a group. This month, we’re picking up a feel-good story about an angry old man! Hope you enjoy this thoughtful exploration of the impact one life has on many […]

Join Us

Imaginary Book Club is always looking for diverse perspectives and voices to feature as new contributors. We are interested in hearing from anyone who knows and loves books from the bottom of your hearts. We love featuring guest posts from experienced book bloggers, or first time writers craving for an outlet for their book love. How […]

Book Review | Rascal Farms, by Anderson Atlas

I will admit I spend a lot of time thinking about food and what I want to eat or make. This meant I totally understood Mr. Raccoon wanting to mix up his diet with some better quality food in Anderson Atlas’s book Rascal Farms. Mr. Raccoon observes his surroundings and eventually comes upon a farm […]

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 57

It’s still smoky over here in the Pacific Northwest! I got to attend Rose City Comic Con last weekend, which was a total blast, and my friends cosplayed as Thor, the family from Bob’s Burgers, and Howl and Sophie! So great! There are too many books in my TBR pile, and yet I have no […]

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 56

This weekend is Rose City Comic Con! Will I see any of you there? This past week was full of packing, moving, and unpacking…and let’s just say that our boxes were about 60% books, 35% kitchen stuff, and 5% everything else. We used professional movers for the first time ever, and if you have to […]

Our Book Club Pick

Imaginary Book Club is a community of book lovers that supports readers in their pursuit of the perfect book, and in sharing their love of reading with others so they can feel united and share their passion together. Imaginary Book Club readers are enthusiastic book-philes, who identify as readers, whether they pick up one book […]

Book Club Brunch – Chapter 42

This was one of those weeks where I thought it would never come. Sometimes, the week is just too much for me. It’s easy to get drowned in the day-to-day. That’s why we’re shaking it up around here! We’ve launched a brand-new Facebook Group – the perfect spot to share your latest read, and get to […]

About Us

We are an online book club – a community of readers, book lovers, and literature addicts, with a mission of connecting these crazy people via a virtual book club where members can read and share what they want. Our hope is that together we can build the ultimate book club – a book club of people we have only […]

Read With IBC | Snack with Imaginary Book Club!

Every book club leader knows – if you’re hoping to throw the most festive and fun book club gathering, thou shalt create some type of pairing! Be it the perfect chocolate pie to accompany The Help, or the perfect cocktail to get your Gatsby discussion buzzing, food and book discussions pair perfectly. That’s why we […]

Time for Book Club! Let’s talk Commonwealth, by Ann Patchett

As with all book clubs, a great part of the joy of our Imaginary Book Club is reading together and chatting about what we’ve read as a group. For more info on how our online book club work, and the many ways you can participate, hop over here or sign up to read with us. Each month our #ReadWithIBC post is […]